Tue Mar 31 2015   
J.D. with Advanced Standing


Accelerated 1.5-Year Track

This accelerated 1.5 year track is available to non-US lawyers who have successfully completed a LLM degree from an ABA-accredited law school.  


Students on the accelerated 1.5-year JD track must fulfill all the same requirements to earn the JD degree as those on the traditional three-year track, including taking all the courses in the standard first-year curriculum and fulfilling the same upper-level course requirements to earn the JD.


Students on the accelerated 1.5 year track enroll in the standard first-year JD curriculum during their first two semesters at Arizona Law. In the following summer, they enroll in a summer session consisting of a two evening courses (Evidence, The Legal Profession) for a total of six credits and a three credit externship.  Students then take 18 units in their final full semester, followed by a short course in January and February.


Tuition for the summer session is significantly reduced, allowing students on the accelerated track to save not only time, but also reducing their total tuition as compared to the 2-year track. 


Students interested in the accelerated 1.5-year track are encouraged to contact us for an individual evaluation.




Updated: 08/27/2014