Sat Mar 28 2015   
J.D. with Advanced Standing


The Two-Year Track

The two-year track allows those with a non-U.S. law degree to earn a JD in only two years.

Students on the two-year track may receive course credit for up to one year (or 29 units) from their non-U.S. legal studies. However, these students are fully integrated with the approximately 125 to 150 regular JD candidates in each law school class.


Students in the Advanced JD Program for non-U.S. lawyers must fulfill all the same requirements to earn the JD degree as those on the traditional three-year track, including taking all the courses in the standard first-year curriculum and fulfilling the same upper-level course requirements to earn the JD. Students on the two-year track must also complete a summer externship.


The only difference between the regular three-year and accelerated two-year JD track is that the Advanced JD students receive up to one year's worth of credits for their non-U.S. legal studies, effectively allowing them to skip the second year of law school and go directly from completing the traditional first year curriculum to the third year of law school. Students in the Advanced JD Program, however, earn exactly the same JD degree as students on the traditional three-year path.


Updated: 04/23/2014