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An outline of the general procedures to be followed by the Disaster Action Team during an emergency situation was given in the section entitled Disaster Action Team, General Procedures. The present section will consider salvage procedures to be carried out by the Disaster Action Team following the emergency.

The procedures which follow are offered only as an outline and should be supplemented by a consideration of the more comprehensive and detailed sources in the field, and by practical consideration of the specific condition being dealt with.

box bullet The Disaster Action Team, headed by the Team Leader, is responsible for coordinating all salvage procedures in the aftermath of an emergency situation.

box bullet BASIC SALVAGE PROCEDURE. In order to formulate and conduct an efficient salvage operation, the Disaster Action Team should consider the following general steps:

box bullet RECOVERY PLAN GUIDELINES. In order to formulate the most efficient recovery plan for the conditions encountered, these general guidelines should be followed: box bullet POST-DISASTER REPORT. An essential component of salvage procedures is a written report to be prepared when the recovery effort has been completed. This report should summarize the emergency situation and all actions taken during the salvage operation. It should emphasize "what went right" and "what went wrong." Once this assessment has been made, the Disaster Preparedness Manual should be amended to reflect the necessary improvements identified during the recovery experience.

box bullet INSURANCE COVERAGE for the Library collections and equipment is carried by the State of Arizona and is mandated by Arizona Revised Statutes 41-621 et seq. The state program utilizes a mix of self-insurance and excess commercial insurance coverage to address the state's property, liability, and workers' compensation exposures. University Risk Management & Safety coordinates these insurance programs. Under the property insurance provisions, coverage includes all University land and buildings, equipment, vehicles, and collections from losses such as fire, theft, flood, vandalism, etc. All claims for loss involving University property must be forwarded to Risk Management & Safety for processing. Claim documentation is reviewed for completeness and forwarded to State Risk Management for adjusting. Questions about insurance coverage, forms, and coverage exclusions should be directed to Risk Management & Safety at 621-1790.

box bullet If on-site emergency supplies were expended during the salvage operation, the Disaster Action Team should ensure that these are replaced.

box bullet Written expressions of appreciation should be made to those who provided time and effort, supplies, services, or expertise to the salvage operation.

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