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Heiros Gamos Guide to International Trade Law | International Economic Law (EISIL) | International Trade (U. Buffalo) | International Trade Law (EISIL) | International Trade Law Guide (Columbia) | International Trade Law Research (BU) | International Trade Law Research Guide (G'Town) | Revised Guide to International Trade Resources on the Internet (LLRX) |


Regional Trade Agreements in Africa (Globalex)| Research Guide on the Trading Systems in the Asia Pacific Region (Globalex)


Basic Info and Online Sources for NAFTA/CAFTA Research (Globalex) | A Guide to Mercosur Legal Research: Sources and Documents (Globalex)| Research Guide on TRIPS and Compulsory Licensing (Globalex)

CRS Reports

CRS Reports on trade (from University of North Texas) | Trade and the Americas (2002) | Trade and Economics-related CRS Reports from the National Center for Science and the Environment | U.S. International Trade:Trends and Forecasts 2006- | US International Trade: Trends and Forecasts (2009) |US-Latin America Trade: Recent Trends | The U.S. Trade Deficit (2003-2008) | U.S. Trade Policy and the Caribbean (2007)

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