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Portable security alarms (“panic buzzers”) are available for staff use when a silent duress signal is necessary because of the nature of the emergency situation (when confronted by a threatening individual for example). When the two buttons on the unit are depressed simultaneously, a signal is sent to a 24-hour monitoring facility and Campus Police will be immediately dispatched to the Library.

These units are fixed in their locations with Velcro and may be detached and carried to other areas of the Library. The units are not intended to be used instead of 911, but are to be used only when calling 911 may be inadvisable. Units are found at the following locations marked with red tape:

Under the Circulation Desk in Reserve

Under the Reference Desk (113)

Click here for map of Security Alarms



Click here for map of locations of Medical Kits to be used for minor medical aid


Click here for map of Main Floor Flashlights Locations

Click here for Lower Level Flashlight Locations

Click here for map showing Emergency Equipment and Exit Routes in the College of Law outside the Library

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