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flame illustration   FIRE ALARMS
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Click here for map of Main Floor Fire Alarms


Inside the North Library Entrance

On pillar beside Main Library Staircase

 On wall outside Storage Room 109 at Loading Dock


Click here for map of Lower Level Fire Alarms

On the wall outside the Northeast Stairwell and next to Room 5
(Fire Sprinkler Room)

  On the wall outside the Northwest Stairwell

NOTE: The fire alarms indicated above are manual pull stations. They may need to be activated in certain situations as indicated in this manual. Be aware that if a manual pull station is activated, there is a 3 to 5 second delay before the horn/strobe devices will begin to sound/flash. These same devices will be activated automatically if a smoke or heat detector senses an alarm situation. Smoke detectors are located in the air handlers of the HVAC system and in public corridors and other areas of the building. Heat detectors are usually located in mechanical rooms. By either method of activation (automatic or manual), an electronic signal is relayed to Campus Police to alert them of the emergency situation so they can initiate an emergency response.

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