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Since the anthrax attacks that occurred in September, 2001, there has been concern about the threat of biological agents being received through the mail. To alleviate concerns of those who handle mail, rubber gloves and face masks are available for use when processing the mail.

Mail and package deliveries should be screened for suspicious items. Common indicators of suspicious letters or packages are:

      •   No return address
      •   Handwritten or poorly typed address
      •   Misspelling of common words
      •   Restrictive markings such as “Confidential” or “Personal”
      •   Excessive postage
      •   Foreign writing, addresses, or postage
      •   Protruding wires, aluminum foil, oily stains, odors, powdery substances, use of string or twine

See guidelines for detecting a suspicious object here.

 box bullet  Do not shake or open the item.

 box bullet  Cover the item with anything (paper, clothing, trash, etc.) or place it in a plastic bag. Do not handle the item more than is absolutely necessary.
 box bullet  Alert others in the area then leave the room and close the door, or section off the area to prevent others from entering.
 box bullet  Call the emergency number 911; appropriate personnel will be dispatched.

 box bullet  Anyone who came in contact with the item should immediately wash all exposed skin with soap and water.

 box bullet  As soon as possible, carefully remove any contaminated clothing and place in a sealed plastic bag.

The possibility also exists that a communicable disease outbreak may threaten to cripple the normal functioning of the library. In the event of such an outbreak, the University has a contingency plan as part of its management of emergency planning and response administered by the UA Campus Emergency Response Team. This plan can be accessed at:

Likewise, the College of Law has a plan that designates a response administrator, essential functions, leadership succession, and an emergency communications system. This plan can be accessed at L:/Administrative Services/UA Pandemic Plan.

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