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If a staff member receives a telephoned bomb threat, he/she should remain calm and observe the following procedures:

box bullet Note the time of the call

box bullet Attempt to keep the caller on the line as long as possible

box bullet Try to notify another staff member by a motion, signal or note so that they can make Library Administrators aware of the situation. If this can be accomplished, the Administrator should call the emergency number 911 and must be ready to give the extension number on which the threat is being received so that an attempt to trace the call can be made.

box bullet If possible, use the Bomb Threat Form to record relevant information. 

box bullet Try to secure the answers to the following questions without placing undue pressure on the caller:

                When will the bomb explode?

                Where is the bomb?

                What does the bomb look like?

                What type of bomb is it?

                Who placed the bomb in its location?

                When was the bomb placed in its location?

                What is the reason the bomb was placed here?

box bullet The staff member who receives the call should also attempt to note the following facts about the conversation:

                The exact words of the caller.

                Was the voice male or female?

                Did the caller sound young or old?

                Did the caller have any distinguishing vocal feature, such as an accent?

                What was the tone of the caller - nervous, calm, determined, etc.?

                Did the voice sound familiar?

                Was there any background noise?

box bullet Immediately call the emergency number 911, if it has not already been done, and report the information gathered above.

box bullet After reporting the incident, immediately notify  Disaster Action Team Leader  or another staff member according to the  priority  specified in the section on Emergency Telephone Numbers.

box bullet The Disaster Action Team Leader or another staff member should then apprise Law College Administration of the situation.

box bullet If, after consultation with College Administration and/or Police, evacuation of the Library is considered appropriate, evacuation procedures should be initiated as specified in the section on  Evacuation Plan.


box bullet If a suspected bomb threat is received through the mail, DO NOT handle the letter or envelope unnecessarily and immediately report its receipt to Disaster Action Team  personnel or  another Library staff member.

box bullet If none of the above personnel can be reached, and the contents of the letter indicate immediate action should be taken, call the emergency number 911 and follow the instructions given.

box bullet  If, however, there is no reason to believe that the danger presented by the threat is imminent, call Campus Police at 621-8273 for further instructions.


box bullet If a suspicious object or package is found in the Library and there is reason to believe that it may contain a bomb, do not touch the object, keep all persons in the Library away from the object and call the emergency number 911.

box bullet  After the emergency number has been called, follow the procedures given for  Telephone Threat.

Additional guidelines for detecting a suspicious letter or object can be found here.

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