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The possibility of civil disturbance, though remote, creates a particularly threatening situation that could place the safety of Library personnel and materials in very great danger. This category of emergency would include any type of civil disorder or riot, building takeover, acts of terrorism or military conflict.

Notification of the occurrence of a civil disturbance may come in any number of ways, most predictably through the media, by telephone, or by observation.

When Library staff become aware of a civil disturbance which may present a threat to the Library, the Disaster Action Team  should be immediately notified.

After notification, the Disaster Action Team Leader should attempt to contact Campus Police by calling 621-8273 to obtain further information and advice on the situation.

The Team Leader, in consultation with the Disaster Action Team, the Library Director and/or College/University officials, should then formulate a plan of action dependent upon the circumstances and taking into account the probability of changing circumstances.

In response to a civil disturbance, the Library should be prepared to:

box bullet Reduce operations to a minimum.

box bullet Coordinate all actions with Campus Police.

box bullet Retain a minimum of valuables on the premises.

box bullet Consider the possible removal of essential or important elements of the Library as listed in the section on  Salvage Priorities.

box bullet Anticipate the spread of the disturbance into the Library and evacuate before the Library becomes overrun.

box bullet If the Library becomes involved in violence or is subject to attack without warning, activate one of the manual  pull station alarms to sound the fire alarm, attempt to determine a safe evacuation route, and evacuate the Library.

box bullet If the disturbance is not within the Law College or Library area but threatens to spread, attempt to determine a safe evacuation route by consulting Campus Police (621-8273) or other emergency personnel. Encourage all within the Library to remain within the premises until a safe departure route can be determined. When a safe route is determined, evacuate.

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