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flame illustration  DISASTER ACTION TEAM,

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The general procedures listed below will be followed by the Disaster Action Team in the event of an emergency situation:

box bullet The first member of the Team to be informed of a Library emergency should:

box bullet The Disaster Action Team Leader should assume direction of Library emergency procedures upon arriving at the Library.

box bullet Emergency personnel should always be allowed to control the immediate situation and should be provided information and/or assistance by the Disaster Action Team.

box bullet When the immediate emergency situation has been controlled and/or removed by emergency personnel, the Disaster Action Team Leader should evaluate the extent of the damage and, in consultation with the other members of the Disaster Action Team and Library staff members, formulate a plan of recovery.

box bullet In the event that main shut off for electricity, gas, water, or the heating and cooling system need to be reached, Facilities Management must be contacted first. During regular working hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), Facilities Management may be reached at 621-3000. After hours, call Campus Police at 621-8273.

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