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The following instructions are provided as general guidelines to be applied to all emergency situations. These initial procedures should be followed by further actions as provided in the sections dealing with Specific Emergency Procedures.

box bullet In all emergency situations, the first and foremost consideration must be for the safety of the people in the Library

box bullet Library staff members should not allow anyone but emergency personnel into a disaster area. Library staff members should proceed into such areas with extreme caution and only when absolutely necessary

box bullet Except where otherwise instructed, when an emergency situation is discovered by or reported to a Library staff member, that staff member is responsible for immediately calling the emergency number 911 to report the situation

box bullet After the emergency number has been called, the  Disaster Action Team Leader  should be contacted. If this individual cannot be reached, one of the following should be contacted in the order given:

                                               1. Another member of the  Disaster Action Team

                                               2. Library Director

                                               3. A professional Library staff member

NOTE: If a member of the Disaster Action Team or the Library Director is present in the Library when an emergency situation occurs, he/she will immediately take charge of all emergency procedures.

box bullet Should the Library be ordered evacuated by emergency personnel when none of the above individuals is available in the Library, the nearest available telephone should be used to contact a member of the Disaster Action Team (or other staff member as noted above).

box bullet In the event that the Library Director or other professional Library staff member is contacted instead of a member of the Disaster Action Team, that person will be responsible for immediately contacting the Disaster Action Team Leader or other Team Member.

box bullet When the Disaster Action Team Leader or member is reached, he/she should be told the nature of the emergency and what actions have been taken. He/She will then relay instructions about what to do until the Disaster Action Team arrives at the Library.

box bullet When emergency personnel arrive, Library staff should allow them to take control of the situation and give them all the information and cooperation they request.

box bullet If the situation warrants, or if specific instructions to do so are given by the emergency personnel, the Library Director or the Disaster Action Team, the Library should be evacuated according to the instructions in the section on Evacuation Plan

box bullet If an evacuation has been ordered, no Library staff should re-enter the building until permission is given by emergency personnel.

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