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Emergency evacuation of the Law Library may be required in case of any of the following situations:

NOTE: When it is considered that an emergency situation exists that warrants the evacuation of the Library and automatically activated alarms have not sounded, manually activate the nearest pull station alarms.

In all cases, when there is doubt or disagreement about whether to evacuate -- EVACUATE.



box bullet Activate nearest fire alarm.

box bullet Exit from the Library should be made by way of the safest and quickest route as shown on the exit route maps . If an exit is blocked, use an alternate route.

box bullet Do not use elevators in case of fire (or any emergency situation that may result in a power failure). At other times, elevators may be used if it does not endanger personal safety.

box bullet Evacuation of Mobility-Impaired Persons: If a person with mobility impairment is able to exit the building without use of the elevator, evacuation should follow an appropriate route out of the building. If exit from the building is possible only by use of the elevator, the person should be escorted to the nearest enclosed fire stairwell and instructed to remain there. Make sure the door to the stairwell is closed. Enclosed building stairwells are "safe refuge areas." Once outside, information about the exact location of the mobility-impaired person should be communicated to emergency personnel. No attempt should be made to carry a mobility-impaired person up or down stairs.

box bullet After exiting the building, Library staff will proceed directly to the Assembly Point (below) and remain there until all staff members present in the building are accounted for by the Disaster Action Team or Library/College Administrators.

box bullet ASSEMBLY POINT 

In the parking lot on the north side of Helen St. directly north of the Law
College parking lot.

NOTE: If, for any reason, assembly at this point is not possible (i.e, location in use by emergency personnel, or proximity is dangerous), use the alternate Assembly Point at the southeast corner of Mabel St. and Mountain Ave. Staff are advised to use care in crossing Mountain Ave. to reach this point.

box bullet Staff should not re-enter the building until instructed it is safe to do so by emergency personnel.

box bullet After hearing the fire alarm, or upon notification to evacuate, Library staff members, as designated in the section below, will insure that all Library users and all other staff members are instructed to leave the Library and, if necessary, informed as to the proper exit route


During Regular Library Hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Responsibility for ensuring that the Library has been completely evacuated will rest with the following individuals:

MAIN FLOOR: Administrative Assistant (Schlichting) to be assisted when necessary by Library Director (Chiorazzi)

LOWER LEVEL: Disaster Action Team Leader (Chiorazzi) to be assisted when necessary by Head of Public services(Esposito)

Persons assigned to assist in the evacuation of the Library should announce that there is an emergency and that everyone is to leave the Law College building, and should attempt to keep the evacuation as orderly and calm as possible. As part of these responsibilities, the designated individuals will ensure the evacuation of any mobility-impaired persons in the Library, and will assist in directing users out of the building. In addition, these persons should check the following specific areas in the library for users and staff members: Study Rooms, Computer Room, Classrooms, Library offices, Restrooms, Special Collections, and Storage Area.

During Evening and Weekend Hours when a Reference Librarian is present, the Librarian and staff member on duty will, as best as possible, ensure the evacuation of the Library as specified above.

During All Other Hours when only a staff member is on duty, and when doing so does not threaten the safety of the individual, the staff member will direct evacuation of the Library and may attempt to enlist the aid of Library users in assisting in the evacuation.

box bullet When the evacuation of the Library is complete, all staff members assigned to assist in the evacuation should proceed to the Assembly Point, where Library Administrators will insure all staff members are accounted for.

box bullet If time permits before evacuation, and safety is not threatened:

                Close all file cabinets
                Turn off all electrical equipment
                Close, but do not lock, all interior doors
                Take only personal possessions before leaving the building

The Disaster Action Team Leader may also consider the removal of certain priority areas of the collections as the situation warrants, and may enlist individuals to assist in their removal.

box bullet COLLEGE OF LAW EMERGENCY EVACUATION. The following personnel are responsible for the evacuation of designated areas at the College of Law and the gathering of staff at the Assembly Point. NOTE: Exit Routes and Emergency Equipment in College of Law outside the Library are shown on the following maps:

Main Floor Exit Routes

Lower Level Exit Routes

Second Floor Exit Routes

Administration/Main Floor
1. Karen Kowalski
2. Bianca Mack
3. Willie Jordan-Curtis

Administration/2nd Floor
1. Mary Steed
2. Sally Rider
3. Brent White

Rountree Hall
1. Melissa Tatum– first floor
2. Michael Wagenheim– second floor
3. Gloria Klinicki – third floor


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