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Explosions may result from many causes such as fire or flammable vapors, leaking gas, faulty heating systems, or deliberately set explosive devices.

Gas odors in the building or indications of hazardous conditions associated with Library utilities, such as heating, cooling or electrical systems, should be immediately reported to a member of the Disaster Action Team  or, when none are present, directly to Facilities Management at 621-3000 during regular hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and to Campus Police at 621-8273 after hours.

In situations where a bomb might be indicated to be in the Library, follow procedures given in the section on Bomb Threat.

If there is warning prior to an explosion, either immediately evacuate the Library, or warn Library staff and users to take cover.

If time does not permit warning, seek shelter immediately under a heavy table, desk or bench to protect oneself from flying glass and debris.

Immediately after an explosion:

box bullet Activate the nearest manual  pull station alarm  if automatic alarms have not already been activated.

box bullet Call the emergency number 911.

box bullet Evacuate the Library according to the procedures given in the section on Evacuation Plan.

box bullet During evacuation, attempt to assist mobility impaired persons and injured persons (unless they are so seriously injured that they should not be moved) to leave the building.

box bullet If none of the Disaster Action Team are present, contact the Team Leader or other Team members.

box bullet Do not re-enter the building until advised it is safe to do so by emergency personnel.

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