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In case of any fire, proceed as follows:

box bullet Fire alarms should activate automatically. If this does not happen, activate one of the manual pull stations.

box bullet Call the emergency number 911 to report the fire. If this is not possible to do within the Library, call from the nearest available phone.

box bullet Evacuate the Library according to the procedures given in the section on Evacuation Plan. Locations of fire exits and evacuation routes are found in the section on Emergency Exit Routes. Staff responsible for overseeing the evacuation should insure that all persons leave the Library, and special emphasis should be placed on assisting mobility-impaired persons.

box bullet Do not use elevators even for the transportation of mobility impaired persons.

box bulletMobility impaired persons who are unable to exit the building without the use of an elevator should be escorted to the nearest stairwell and instructed to remain there. Do not attempt to carry persons up or down stairs. Doors to the stairwell should be closed so that it will remain a "safe refuge area." Fire fighting personnel should then be informed that a mobility impaired person is in a stairwell and be given their location so that they can be evacuated.

box bullet If it does not endanger personal safety, and time permits, close all doors before evacuating the building.

box bullet All Library staff should report to the Assembly Point  specified in the section on Evacuation Plan, unless advised otherwise. This is important not only from the standpoint of insuring the safety of staff members, but also to prevent fire fighters from unnecessarily risking their lives to locate unaccounted for persons.

box bullet If none of the Disaster Action Team are present when the fire emergency is discovered, the Team Leader, or another staff member should be notified as soon as feasible.

box bullet When fire fighters arrive at the scene, the Disaster Action Team Leader, Team member, or responsible Library staff member present should provide them with all pertinent information and assistance.

box bullet Follow the orders of emergency personnel and remain clear of the building until the "All Clear" is given by emergency authorities.


Fire extinguishers at the Law Library are for Class ABC fires (general combustibles such as wool, paper or cloth; flammable liquid; electrical).

If a fire is discovered in the Library, DO NOT attempt to extinguish it unless it is a very small, self-contained fire, such as one in a wastepaper basket. In this situation, activate a fire alarm if automatic alarms have not already activated, and use the nearest fire extinguisher. Proceed as follows:

box bullet Open the extinguisher housing door.

box bullet Lift extinguisher off hanger.

box bullet Hold the extinguisher in an upright position and remove the safety pin

box bullet Aim the extinguisher hose at the base of the fire and squeeze the lever to discharge the extinguisher.

Preferably, only an individual trained in the use of an extinguisher should attempt to put out a fire with one, and that person should always call for assistance in extinguishing the fire.

All incidents in which a fire extinguisher is used should be reported to Facilities Management at 621-3000 so that the extinguisher can be recharged.


The threat of fire is a very real one for any library, but also one which can be reduced by a program of precautionary and preventive measures intended to eliminate hazards and educate staff. The following is such a program:

box bullet Conduct regular safety inspections to identify possible fire hazards.

box bullet Report hazardous conditions.

box bullet Ensure that fire extinguishers and elevators are inspected regularly.

box bullet Ensure that all fire doors are kept closed and are clearly marked.

box bullet Ensure that all corridors and stairwells are free of obstructions.

box bullet Ensure that all staff receive training in the use of fire extinguishers, fire emergency procedures, and the evacuation plan.

box bullet Ensure that instructions on fire emergency procedures are posted.

box bullet Enforce No Smoking rules.

box bullet Ensure that trash is removed from the Library regularly.

box bullet Ensure that flammable materials such as chemicals, cleaning fluids, oils, etc. are stored in a safe manner. Ensure that when not in use they are kept in closed containers, and that spills are cleaned up immediately. Ensure that oil-soaked rags are removed from the Library immediately after use in accordance with University procedures.

box bullet Ensure that electrical appliances, such as coffee makers, are turned off when not in use.

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