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In the event of a power failure, the first concern should be for the safety of the people in the Library. Most power failures will be of short duration and cause little disruption of service, unless they are a result of other emergencies, such as natural disasters, explosions, etc. (see Table of Contents for Specific Emergency sections in these instances).

When a power failure does occur, emergency, generator-powered lighting will come on at locations within the Library. Flashlights for emergency use are also located on the and the .

Should a prolonged power failure occur, these procedures should be followed:

box bullet Remain calm.

box bullet Whether power failure is prolonged or of short duration, turn off power switches on computer equipment to off position as a precaution against power surge when electricity is returned.

box bullet Report power failure to the Building Monitor at 621-1547 if it occurs during regular hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). The Building Monitor will contact Facilities Management. If access must be gained to shut off for utilities, Facilities Management must be contacted first at 621-3000 during working hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), or by calling Campus Police at 621-8273 after hours.

box bullet Should the power failure occur after regular hours, the Library staff member in charge should call Campus Police at 621-8273 to report the problem.

box bullet If necessary, evacuate the Library until power is restored.

box bullet Check the elevator, restrooms, study rooms, computer room and Lower Level of the Library for stranded persons. Mobility impaired persons should also be assisted in leaving the Library

box bullet Should someone be trapped in the elevator because of a power failure, call the emergency number 911.

box bullet If power remains off for an extended period, the Disaster Action Team, in consultation with the Library Director, should determine further actions to be taken.

box bullet Should power remain off for an extended period in the evening when no professional Librarian is present, the staff member on duty should contact the Disaster Action Team for instructions.

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