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This Disaster Preparedness Manual has been prepared in an effort to ensure that emergency situations occurring in the Law Library may be responded to effectively. The goals of this manual are:

box bullet To establish a Disaster Action Team that will assume responsibility for carrying out a coherent plan of action in response to an emergency following the guidelines set forth in this manual.

box bullet To provide necessary information so that adequate and immediate action can be taken in the event of an emergency.

box bullet To delineate procedures and follow-through steps to be taken in response to specific emergencies.

box bullet To provide listings of supplies and equipment available and sources of materials and services that may be necessary in the event of emergency.




The Disaster Action Team shall be made up of at least three members of the library staff selected by the Library Director: one from Public Services, one from Technical Services, and one at-large. Additional members may be added by the Disaster Action Team as needed.


box bullet   Administration of the overall disaster preparedness program.

box bullet   Annual updating of the Disaster Preparedness Manual.

box bullet   Distribution of the Disaster Preparedness Manual to all Law Library staff and to other concerned individuals or agencies.

box bullet   Informing and training Law Library staff regarding the procedures contained in the Disaster Preparedness Manual.

box bullet   Implementing recommendations regarding disaster preparedness and accident prevention from Library staff or outside sources that are deemed necessary or advisable.

box bullet   The Team shall select a Disaster Action Team Leader. The Team Leader shall be responsible for the following:

Overall coordination and decision-making in the process of responding to and recovering from any emergency situation. This responsibility shall be carried out in consultation with the Team and Library Administrators.

Establishing priorities following guidelines provided in this Manual in all recovery operations.

Delegation of work responsibilities in all recovery operations.

box bullet   The Team may also select an Alternate Team Leader to serve in the absence of the Team Leader.

box bullet   Team members shall remain familiar with the procedures contained in the Disaster Preparedness Manual and procedures suggested in current literature. They shall be responsible for being trained in the use of emergency equipment, and they shall be prepared to act in the event of an emergency.

box bullet   The Team shall respond quickly to any emergency reported, and ensure that notification has been made to the proper authorities concerned with the emergency.

box bullet   In the event of an emergency, the Team shall appraise the damage and assume responsibility for directing a plan of recovery in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this Manual.

box bullet   The Team shall be responsible for preparing a post-disaster report assessing the actions taken and making any necessary recommendations.

box bullet   The Team shall determine what emergency supplies are necessary to be stored on-site, and ensure that an adequate stock is maintained.

box bullet   The Team shall conduct periodic safety inspections of the Law Library to include such areas as fire protection equipment, safety hazards, housekeeping practices, an inventory of available disaster supplies, and other areas it deems necessary.

box bullet   The Team shall make recommendations to the Library Director regarding accident prevention and emergency procedures, and assist in implementing any corrective actions.

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