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This category of emergency includes the collapse of shelving or structural elements of the building, such as a ceiling or wall. This may occur as a result of natural deterioration, or as a consequence of another emergency, such as an explosion, fire, natural disaster or water damage.

If the collapse is of a minor nature, or so localized as not to present an immediate danger to the safety of the people in the Library, proceed as follows:

box bullet During regular hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), report the damage to the Building Monitor at 621-1547.

box bullet If the incident occurs after regular hours, contact the Disaster Action Team.

box bullet Keep people in the Library away from the damage area.

box bullet If the emergency involves the collapse of book shelves, the Disaster Action Team should assume direction of the movement of books to a safe location.

If the damage is major and/or the result of another emergency as noted above, proceed as follows:

box bullet Evacuate the Library as specified in the section on Evacuation Plan, if not already done.

box bullet Call the emergency number 911 to report the damage.

box bullet Contact the Disaster Action Team, if not already done.

box bullet Do not re-enter the building until authorized by emergency personnel.

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