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The possibility of an emergency involving toxic chemicals or fumes in the Library is remote; however, should a chemical spill or similar accident occur either in the general vicinity of the Law College or within the building, quite hazardous conditions could result. Dangerous toxic fumes could spread throughout the building through the heating and cooling system, or otherwise filter into the building from the outside. Since there is a possibility that toxic spills or fumes will be flammable, the danger of fire and/or explosion will also exist.

If any chemical spill occurs within the Library, proceed as follows:

box bullet Call the emergency number 911 to report the incident. Risk Management will be contacted by the University Police to clean up the spill.

box bullet During regular hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), also notify the Building Monitor at 621-1547

box bullet After regular hours, contact the Disaster Action Team.

box bullet DO NOT attempt to clean up a chemical spill

box bullet Keep all users and staff away from the spill area.

box bullet If toxic chemicals or fumes cover a widespread area and endanger anyone within the Library, evacuate the Library by activating one of the manual pull station alarms and follow the procedures specified in the section on Evacuation Plan.

box bullet Assist in the evacuation of mobility impaired persons and persons who may be overcome or show symptoms from the toxic substance.

box bullet Do not re-enter the building until authorized by emergency personnel.

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