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ExamSoft Registration Instructions

To use SofTest on exam day, you must complete all of the following steps: Note: Computer Lab users only perform Step 1 and 4.

Step 1 - ExamSoft Signup (Approximate time: 1 minute)
Step 2 - Download SofTest (Depends on Internet Connection)
Step 3 - Register SofTest (Approximate time: 1 - 3 minutes)
Step 4 - Select your courses
- (You can also register to use a Law School computer here)

Step 1. Examsoft Signup If this is the first time you are using SofTest through University of Arizona, click the 'New User Signup' button in the top left corner of the screen.

If you are an exam taker that has previously used SofTest but cannot remember your Custom Home Page (CHP) address, ID and/or password, click forgot CHP/ID/password.

Click here to view ExamSoft Signup & SofTest® Registration Instructions.


Step 2. Download SoftestWhether you used the software in the past or not you must download and install the current version (8.9). To download ExamSoft software, to register and qualify your computer, and for all related information please go to For help with this process please contact or 866-429-8889.

Step 3. Register SofTestYou must register the Examsoft software. If your machine is connected to the web, then registration should be automatic. If you don’t have internet access on the machine you are installing SoftTest on, you can use another web-enabled computer and visit to manually register.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you have the latest version of the examsoft software and that your laptop is qualified. Softest Status should be 'Registration Complete'. Click here to view an image of what you should see when you click the examsoft icon. If the Softest Status is incomplete you will NOT be able to take the exam on your laptop. Please contact IT Support if you are having problems qualifying your laptop.

Upon Registration Completion
You should receive a message window, and later an email message, confirming registration. By double-clicking the “SofTest” icon, you can take a Practice Exam or a real exam . To take a Practice exam, click the “Practice Exam” button.


Step 4. Select your courses Whether you will be using your own laptop or one provided by the college you must select the courses (exams) you will be taking using examsoft. You can do so in Forums - Login to UA Law Forums - Click on the Select Examsoft Courses link. If a course does not appear in the list please check with your instructor if he or she will be giving an essay exam (not multiple choice.) 

Here, you may request the use of a law school computer for exams under the ‘Examsoft Courses Link’.  The law school has a limited number of computers during exams.  It is preferred you use your own laptop when possible.


Step 5. Create a folder on your C: drive If you haven't already done so create a folder on your C: drive and call it "myExams". This will be the location where your "answer files" will be stored. Then do the following: Start sofTest click on the Preferences tab at the bottom of the screen check the box next to Destination Override click on Browse and browse the desktop until you get to c:\myExams or type in the box "c:\myExams". click OK.


Other Important Information: Click here to check the exam schedule to find out where you will be taking the exam and for other exam related instructions. If you will be using your own laptop to take the exam report to the exam room 30 minutes before the exam start time to setup your computer. If you requested a computer provided by the college please go to the lab in the Classroom Commons  30 minutes before the exam starts.

You will be e-filing or uploading your answer files after each exam. Make sure your wireless connection is working properly. If your laptop is not wireless capable please bring a flash drive (USB) if you have one. The IT proctor will help you upload the file. The url to upload the file is . Please bookmark this link.

Your exam number is the only identification you will be using on your exams. You can find your exam number for the current semester in your Forums Profile. Please find it before your exams start and remember it.

If you need assistance with the installation and setup of examsoft you can contact or 866-429-8889 or


PC System Requirements: CPU = 1 GHz Pentium III or Industry Equivalent RAM = 1 GB Drives = 50 MB of free space Operating System = English 32-bit Versions of Windows XP or Vista or 64-bit Versions of Windows Vista Software = Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater Internet Access for SofTest Installation, Exam Download and Upload AOL Users - Version 6.0 or higher required Screen Resolution must be 1024x768 or higher


Apple Macintosh Users: Users with Apple's Mac OSX v.10.4.4 (Tiger) or Mac OSX v.10.5 (Leopard) laptops can run SofTest in Windows XP or Vista installed via Apple's Boot Camp. Not all institutions allow usage of Apple computers. Please check with your institution prior to attempting to install SofTest on an Apple laptop. As an alternative you can also reserve a lawschool computer to use for your exam. You can request a computer provided by the college (see below) but you still have to register with examsoft and indicate you will be using a lab computer so you don't need to download and install any software.

Page Updated: April 15 2010