Tue Sep 02 2014   

Vanessa Guess-Johnson


Vanessa Guess-Johnson
Library Specialist, Serials

Room: 107
Email: guessjoh@email.arizona.edu
Phone: 520.626.1873
Fax: 520.621.3138


Vanessa Guess-Johnson began working at the College of Law Library in 1978. She started working at the old law library, which is now the Oriental Studies building. Vanessa came to work for the library through a federal government program then called Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA). She has had three positions since workinghere: Library Assistant, Secretary to the Director, and now Library Assistant Senior/Head of Serials. Vanessa has many outside interests such as singing, acting, and sewing. She has sung lead on a project for "Up with People", as well as other drama and singing parts in many musical plays such as the production of "Gospel at Collonus." She participates in the Tucson chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, the C&D Ministry, and sings in her church choir. Her latest project is a lead solo with the C&D Ministry, which is soon to be released. She hopes to retire in the near future and continue to pursue her outside interests while going back to school to finish her degree.