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Law of the River
Documents from Reclamation: Managing Water in the West.

Maureen Garmon, Faculty Services Librarian

This is the fourth in a series of volumes dedicated to chronicling the history of the use and management of the Colorado River.

The print volume is in the Law Library's Government Documents section (lower level) at
I 27:81:C 71/ . Along with the three previous volumes, it is available for browsing and searching electronically here. Selected documents are also available on the Department of Interior's Bureau of Reclamation web page.

Key documents in the river's lengthy legal history follow.


Compacts and Basin Map

Colorado River Compact (1922)

Colorado River Basin, Map No. 23000 (1928)

Upper Colorado River Basin Compact (1948)


Litigation-Arizona v. California

Special Master Rifkind, Report (1960)

Opinion (1963)

Decree (1964)

Supplemental Decree (1979)

Special Master Tuttle, Report (1982)

Opinion (1983)

Second Supplemental Decree (1984)

Special Master McGarr, Report, Recommendations and Appendix (1999)

Opinion (2000)

Supplemental Decree (2000)

Special Master, McGarr, Approval of Final Settlements and Recommendations (2005)

Consolidated Decree (2006)



Stipulation (2000)

Revised Stipulation (2003)

Stipulation for Judgment (2007)

Stipulated Judgment (2007)


Treaties and Agreements


Mexican Water Treaty (1944)

Minute 242 (1973)

Joint Declaration (2000)

Minute 306 (2000)

Memorandum of Understanding (2001)

Joint U.S.-Mexico Statement (2007)


State of Arizona

Contract for Delivery of Water (1944)

Yuma Mesa Division Final Administrative Determination (2001)

Arizona Water Settlements Act-Firming Agreement (2007)


State of California

Seven Party Agreement (1931)

General Regulations (1931)

Lower Colorado Water Supply Act (1986)

San Luis Rey Indian Water Rights Settlement Act (1988)

Packard Amendment (2000)

Colorado River Water Delivery Agreement (2003)

Lower Colorado Water Supply Act Amendment (2005)

Temporary Re-regulation of Excess River Flows-IID (2006)

Temporary Re-regulation of Excess River Flows-MWD (2006)

Subtitle J-All American Canal Projects (2006)


State of Nevada

Storage and Interstate Release Agreement-AWBA,SNWA, BOR (2002)

Storage and Interstate Release Agreement-MWB, SNWA, BOR (2004)


Previous Titles on Law of The River

The Hoover Dam Power and Water Contracts and Related Data: with Introductory Notes (1933)

The Hoover Dam Documents (1948)

Updating the Hoover Dam Documents (1978)


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