University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law Law Library

Computers & Technology: Student Computer Lab

The student computer lab consists of twenty-four computers: fifteen inside the lab room, and nine just outside the lab. Because of limited resources, these are only available for use by College of Law students. Throughout the semester, the Computer Lab is used for Legal Research instruction. Students may access the College of Law network from any of the computers in the Law Library. For information about the College of Law network or any other support related questions, click here.

Using the S-Drive

When students log onto the network using one of the library computers, they will have access to the S-Drive, a shared network drive. It will show up under My Computer as <studentusername on 'librarysrvr' (S:)>. Only the student and the network administrator have access to the drive, or the files on it.

It is referred to as the "S-Drive" because we have mapped to the drive letter S. The S -Drive is to be used to back up important text files that you may be working on in the library. There is a 10 MB limit for each student on the S-Drive.

How to save documents on your S-Drive from a laptop

1. Email yourself the files you want to save on you S-Drive.
2. Log onto a lab computer.
3. Download the attachments and save them to your S-Drive.

Once you have downloaded the file which you wish to back up, be sure to delete the files from your mailbox because large attachments can fill up your available space on the server.