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Faculty Scholarship and Accomplishments 2003 - 2004

Professor David Adelman recently published “Lost in Trans-Science: The Promise of the Genomics Revolution for Environmental Law” (forthcoming Harvard Envtl. L. Rev. 2004). In January he was invited to become a Scholar with the Center for Progressive Regulation, which is a nonprofit research and educational organization of university-affiliated academics with expertise in the legal, economic, and scientific issues related to the regulation of health, safety, and the environment.

Professor S. James Anaya gave several speeches and presentations, including the closing address at the International University of Andalucia’s inaugural conference of the Program on Legal Multiculturalism and Indigenous Peoples. Professor Anaya published three book chapters as well as the second edition of his book, Indigenous Peoples in International Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press).In addition he was involved in several international human rights advocacy projects, including serving as co-counsel in a case before the United Nations Human Rights Committee challenging Spain’s suppression of Basque political activity.
Prof Anaya
Iñigo Arenillas (col. IIDS), Ricardo Colmenares (U. Zulia), R. Yrigoyen (IIDS), James Anaya (U. Arizona) (Madrid Nov. 2003)

Professor Art Andrews was honored recently when the Law College Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award was renamed the Arthur W. Andrews Distinguished Mentor and Teacher Award.

Professor Barbara Atwood received the UA Graduate College and Professional Education Teaching and Mentoring Award of Distinction for 2004 and the Arizona Women Lawyers Association Sarah Sorin Award for 2004. She has also been appointed as Reporter by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws for a new project regarding the role of attorneys representing children in custody disputes.

Professor Jean Braucher made a presentation on teaching consumer law as part of a bankruptcy course at the University of Houston Law Center’s conference on Teaching Consumer Law in May.

Prof Baucher Professor Jean Braucher

Professor Graeme W. Austin
was a co-recipient of the 2003 Leslie F. and Patricia Bell Faculty Service Award. His article, “Trademarks and the Burdened Imagination,” was published in the Brooklyn Law Review in Spring 2004.

Professor Paul Bennett and Professor Kenney Hegland supervised a Law Camp this summer. There were two one-week sessions, each taught by two law students. The goal was to introduce high school students to the legal method, to the legal profession, and to some of our wonderful students. The Juvenile Teaching Program, with the same goals, continued this summer, with 10 law students presenting 45 classes to juvenile detainees.

Professor Ellen Bublick traveled to Boston in April to give a presentation on Civil Remedies for Sexual Assault Victims at the Suffolk University Law School Conference “Beyond Prosecution: Sexual Assault Victim’s Rights in Theory and Practice.” Her remarks will be published in the Suffolk University Law Review this fall. In addition, at an upcoming conference in Palm Springs, she will provide training to the Department of Justice’s Violence Against Women Act grantees.

Prof Bublick
Professor Ellen Bublick

Professor Gabriel “Jack” Chin – This Spring, the Louisiana and Missouri legislatures passed legislation proposed by the Jim Crow Repeal Project, headed by Professor Chin. This legislation eliminated school segregation statutes from the codes of those states. In its next issue, the Georgetown Law Journal will publish Professor Chin’s article, “Reconstruction Felon Disenfranchisement and the Right to Vote: Did the Fifteenth Amendment Repeal Section 2 of the Fourteenth?”

Professor David A. Gantz spent the 2003-2004 academic year as a visitor at George Washington University Law School, returning to the College of Law in August 2004. During the year, he published four articles, “The Free Trade Area of the Americas: An Idea Whose Time has Come – And Gone?” (Loyola Int’l Law Review); “The Evolution of U.S. Views on Investment Protection: From NAFTA to the United States – Chile Free Trade Agreement” (American U. Int’l Law Review); “WTO Case Review 2003” (with Raj Bhala, Arizona Journal of Int’l & Comparative Law); and “Pope & Talbot, Inc. v. Canada [Int’l Decisions]” (American Journal of Int’l Law).

Professor Robert Glennon has been quite busy since his book, Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America’s Fresh Waters, was published in October 2002. The book has received incredible attention and reviews (over 150, all terrific). Professor Glennon has traveled to more than 20 states, given 60 or so talks, and been the keynote speaker at 16 conferences. Since the book’s publication, Professor Glennon has also published four journal articles and five newspaper or magazine articles on water law.

Professor Jamie Ratner was appointed to the CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) editorial board. In April he made a presentation before the combined antitrust and IP sections of the state bar on “The Intersection of Patent and Antitrust.”
Prof Ratner
Professor Jamie Ratner

Professor Mona Hymel recently published an article entitled “Multidisciplinary Practices: Where Are They? What Happened?” in Tax Notes Magazine. She gave a presentation on this paper at the ABA Tax Section Meeting in Washington, D.C., in May. Professor Hymel will be presenting another paper at the 5th Annual Conference on Environmental Taxes in Pavia, Italy on September 9, 2004 titled “Americans and their “Wheels:” A Tax Policy For Sustainable Mobility.”

Professor Jane Korn’s article “Teaching Talking” will be published in the Journal of Legal Education this fall. Professor Korn received an Arizona Scholar Fellows grant and worked with two law students this summer on an article about obesity discrimination in employment and places of public accommodation. Professor Korn was a co-recipient of the 2003 Leslie F. and Patricia Bell Faculty Service Award.

Professor Boris Kozolchyk will be honored on August 7, 2004 by the ABA at its annual meeting in Atlanta with the Leonard J. Theberge Award. This is the most prestigious award granted by the ABA in the field of private international law. During the month of December 2003, Kozolchyk was selected to deliver a cycle of lectures on comparative commercial law at the Charles III University of Madrid as part of the university’s series on “Distinguished Perspectives on the Law.”

Professor Lynn Marcus authored pleadings successfully petitioning the Arizona Supreme Court to amend the Rules of Criminal Procedure so as to require judicial advisements to criminal defendants of the potential immigration consequences of their pleas of guilty or no contest. Over the past year, Professor Marcus served on a related state bar task force, and gave trainings and presentations at the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, the local office of the Attorney General, and the state bar convention.

Dean Toni Massaro has an article entitled “Constitutional Law as ‘Normal Science’” forthcoming in Constitutional Commentary. Dean Massaro also will be working on a third edition of her casebook on Civil Procedure. She and her coauthor – Barbara Allen Babcock of Stanford – will be joined by Norman Spaulding of UC-Berkeley on the third edition.

Professor Ana Merico-Stephens has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar Lectureship Award. She will teach at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain during the 2004-2005 academic year. Her article, “Of Federalism, Human Rights, and the Holland Caveat: Congressional Power to Implement Treaties”, 25 Mich. J. Int’l. Law 325 (2004), was just released.

Professor Suzanne Rabé authors a legal writing column entitled “The Legal Word” for the Arizona Attorney magazine. The first column appeared in the April 2004 issue. It was entitled “Ending That and Which Trauma.”

Professor Ted Schneyer completed an essay entitled “The Promise and Problematics of Legal Ethics from the Lawyer’s Point of View” that will be published in the Yale Journal of Law and Humanities. The article concerns recent developments in the treatment of legal ethics in moral and political philosophy.

Professor Andrew Silverman and Professor Kenney Hegland’s video, A Question of Rape, was a finalist in the Telly Awards. The video is designed to fight date rape on college campuses by encouraging students to consider long-term consequences and by engaging them in a serious dialogue on the issue of consent.
Professor Kenny Hegland

Professor John Swain recently published “Piercing the Corporate Veil to Assert Personal Jurisdiction: An Empirical Study of the Cannon Doctrine,” 84 B.U. L. Rev. 445 (2004)(co-author, with Edwin E. Aguilar). In February he presented a paper, “An Economic Nexus Standard for the 21st Century,” at the Tax Council Policy Institute’s Annual Symposium in Washington, D.C. He has also become a regular columnist for State Tax Notes Magazine.

Professor Elliott Weiss, working with Lawrence White of the Stern School of Business at NYU, drafted a paper entitled “File Early, Then Free Ride: How Delaware Law (Mis)Shapes Shareholder Class Actions” and presented it at a conference in Miami Sponsored by Vanderbilt Law School and the Institute for Law and Economic Policy. The paper, which will be published in a symposium issue of the Vanderbilt Law Review, is based in part on an empirical study of all merger-related class actions filed in Delaware Chancery Court in 1999-2001.

Professor David Wexler presented a lecture on therapeutic jurisprudence in Crete in May, speaking at the Greek conference on New Professional Responsibilities. He published a paper entitled “El Juez de Vigilancia Penitenciaria: Un modelo para la creación de juzgados de reinserción en las jurisdicciones angloamericanas en aplicación de los principios del ‘derecho terapéutico’ (therapeutic jurisprudence)” in the leading Spanish criminological review Revista Espanola de Investigacion Criminologica, vol. 2, 2004.

Professor Winton Woods recently traveled to Miami where he gave two presentations on “Electronic Discovery” to the ABA National Legal Malpractice Conference. Professor Woods is also co-chair of the Arizona State Bar Trial Practice Section program at CLE by the Sea in Coronado.


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