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Comparative Law Topic of April Conference

As part of its ongoing effort to integrate various disciplines in a sustained study of important public issues, and to offer a global vision of law, the Rogers College of Law will host a two-day conference this spring.

“Comparative Law in the Twenty-First Century”

Friday & Saturday, April 8-9, 2005
Marriott University Park Hotel, Tucson

The conference will feature scholars from various disciplines in public and private law from several countries to present their views on different aspects of the problems and promises of comparative law as we move into the future. Friday’s panels include discussions of comparative intellectual property law, public law, and commercial law, while Saturday’s panel will discuss comparative international trade law. The luncheon speaker on Friday will be Sir Nicholas Lyell, former Attorney General and Member of Parliament, United Kingdom, speaking on “Security, Justice and Liberty in a Free Society.”

To register for the conference or to get more information, contact Donna Ream at 520.626.2400 or via email at

Fall Conference Takes Behind the Scenes Look at 9th Circuit

Handling the largest proportion of the federal appellate caseload, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals draws both accolades and criticism, in terms of its decisions as well as its organization. A fall conference, to be held September 30 – October 1, 2005 at the Rogers College of Law, will provide attendees with a more in-depth understanding of the court and the context in which it operates. Anyone interested in the inner workings of the so-called “workhorse court” is invited to participate.

Chief Judge Mary Schroeder has been invited to deliver the keynote address. Her remarks will be followed by five discussion sessions featuring judges, law professors, political scientists and lawyers familiar with the Court.

Topics will include:
• Selection of court of appeals judges
• The Court’s caseload and aspects of case processing, including case screening, the use of visiting judges and the use of “unpublished” dispositions.
• Purposes of en banc review and how they are served by the Ninth Circuit’s “limited” en banc.
• Ninth Circuit reversals by the United States Supreme Court
• How the Court looks to lawyers and the media.

Conference organizers are Dean Toni Massaro, Political Science Professor Stephen Wasby from the University of Albany, and Professor Arthur D. Hellman of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
Details are available from Donna Ream, Program Coordinator, at 520.626.2400 or on the College of Law’s website,

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