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  Our Strategic Priorities for 2005-2007
Build the Law Commons
Our single greatest need – and thus the area where we need to focus our greatest short-term resources – is on the expansion of our facilities and the reconfiguration of existing space to meet the changing needs of our students and the profession. This is not a luxury item: the recent ABA/AALS site inspection team considered both library improvement and student space as high priority needs. Additionally, we must build the Law Commons without taking resources away from current programs and student services.
Implement new initiatives in our areas of focused excellence
The College embraces the University-wide plan to consolidate strengths and resources in targeted areas of critical importance to the state and nation. In the area of environmental law, our recent faculty hires will bring us into the top tier of law schools in the country. We now will do the same strategic building in the areas of business and commercial law and continue to build our preeminent program in Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy.
Attract and support outstanding students by maintaining our standards and accessibility
Even though tuition has risen over the years, we consistently rank as a top value law school. We need to work with the government and private partners – from private individuals to firms to foundations – to maintain our reputation for excellence and accessibility, which will require more funds for scholarships and loan forgiveness.
Continue to hire and cultivate outstanding faculty
The “brain drain” problem is a serious one for all of the UA. The solution is to use best efforts to create fully endowed chairs, and to establish Program and Research Endowments that support faculty-directed research and outreach. We have exceptional program builders on the faculty who can do extraordinary things with relatively modest funding. We need to support their work, and the students with whom they work.
Support the legal profession with an unwavering commitment to teaching ethical conduct and professionalism
Our faculty and administration works hard to address these issues and will be developing ways to further advance our educational efforts in the area of professional conduct.

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