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Fri Mar 27 2015 08:12:08 From the Dean | Spring 2006 | Dean Toni Massaro
Dean Massaro



More than anything else, our professional role is to expose our community to ideas, philosophies, and experiences that will open their minds to a new dimension. Consider the array of opportunities that our students, faculty, and friends have experienced here – all since September.

A United Nations commission convened at the College to hear about human rights challenges shared by indigenous peoples all over the world. The discussions that took place here will help shape international policy.

A United States Supreme Court Justice, shared her reflections on a career that changed the course of history.

A Nobel Peace Prize laureate captivated her students and the public with thoughts on how to achieve world peace.

Both the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Arizona Supreme Court heard arguments at the College, giving us a real and up-close look at the inner workings of justice.

A national conference on Economic Torts, honoring Professor Dan Dobbs’ groundbreaking work, advanced national scholarship about this emerging area of law.

Our national presence in environmental law and policy grew with the addition of Professor Carol Rose from Yale Law and Marc Miller of Emory, and three superb new professors soon will enhance our offerings in health law, procedure, and torts.

We just hosted the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference, and provided a vast array of other forums, skills workshops and community service opportunities for our students and wider audiences.

We cross disciplinary lines and build on the formidable strengths of the University of Arizona, a world class research institution. We involve students in intellectually rigorous academic programs, in spirited debate, in professional development activities and in the longer, more nuanced process of learning what it is to be lawyer.

If you haven’t checked in on us recently, I urge you to do so. What you will find is a law school with a national and growing international reputation for academic innovation, and a student body that recognizes the value of the core professional education we provide.

They leave here, as many of you did, with new ideas, greater nuance, and wider perspectives on law, policy, and justice. We achieve this through partnerships with the wider University, with the communities we serve, and above all, with alumni and friends who truly believe in the enduring value of higher education and its ability to elevate, inspire and transform minds and lives.

Dean Massaro's Signature
Toni M. Massaro

Dean and Regents’ Professor,
Milton O. Riepe Chair in Constitutional Law
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