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Contracts Book Edited by Professor Braucher Featured in Virtual Symposium on ContractsProf Blog

The ContractsProf Blog is running a virtual symposium for several weeks to mark the publication of Rethinking the Contracts Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay (Hart Publishing 2013), edited by Prof. Jean Braucher, John Kidwell, and William C. Whitford.

The book is a collection of 15 original works by contracts scholars, writing about the law in action and relational approaches to contract law launched by Stewart Macaulay in the 1960s. The blog symposium is featuring some of these authors along with other contracts scholars’ reflections on the work of Macaulay. The book also includes Macaulay’s seminal empirical study, Non-Contractual Relations in Business, first published 50 years ago in the American Sociological Review. For more background on the book, see here.

Prof. Braucher, Roger C. Henderson Professor of Law, is also is a co-author with Professors Macaulay, Kidwell, and Whitford of the casebook Contracts:  Law in Action, Vol. I and II (LexisNexis 2010 and 211).

Updated: 08/22/2013