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College of Law Hosts Traveling Exhibit on the Udall Brothers

The Rogers College of Law will host a traveling exhibit about former Arizona Congressmen Stewart and Morris Udall, titled, “The Udall Brothers: Voices for the Environment,” from Tuesday, January 10th, through Thursday, May 31, 2006. Developed by the University of Arizona Library's Special Collections Department and funded by the Morris K. Udall Foundation, the exhibit has been on display at the Dept. of Interior in Washington and the Arizona State Capitol. “The Udall Brothers” presents reproductions of photographs and archival documents from the Congressional Archives of Morris and Stewart Udall. The exhibit profiles their many years of public service, emphasizing their contributions in the areas of environmental leadership and legislation.

Stewart Udall, a 1948 graduate of the College of Law, was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for Arizona in 1954. He was re-elected three times before President John F. Kennedy appointed him Secretary of the Interior in 1961. Udall advanced the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, as well as legislation that set aside 9.2 million acres of wilderness. Later, he represented Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah Native American uranium miners in lawsuits against the United States government.

Elected into the House of Representatives after his brother’s appointment to the Presidential Cabinet, Morris K. Udall, a 1949 graduate of the College of Law, served as Arizona Congressman for thirty years. His concern for Native Americans and love of the environment lead him to advance numerous pieces of legislation supporting indigenous rights and environmental sustainability. Udall also authored important legislation on campaign reform, congressional ethics, and was the first major Democrat to publicly oppose the Vietnam War.

The exhibit will be located in the law school library, which is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After 5 p.m., visitors should use the back entrance to the law school. For more information or to arrange group tours, please call Randy Wagner, 626-1637, randolph.wagner@law.arizona.edu.

Updated: 04/13/2006