Fri Mar 27 2015   
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Professor Anaya Participates in an Expert Meeting in The Hague on Intrastate Conflict Resolution

Professor S. James Anaya, the James J. Lenoir Professor of Human Rights Law and Policy, was asked to participate in an expert meeting this past December on international adjudication mechanisms for intrastate peace agreements sponsored by Kreddha, a non-profit organization located in The Hague, The Netherlands.  The purpose of the expert meeting was to identify and discuss mechanisms that could be employed by parties to intrastate peace agreements to resolve disputes that arise in the implementation of those agreements. The meeting was attended by a select group of international human rights lawyers and academics, international arbitration practitioners, the Secretary-General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, a former UN Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and a specialist in dispute resolution systems design. Professor Anaya presented a paper on the adjudication of complaints within the Inter-American human rights system, with a particular focus on experiences involving indigenous peoples’ claims. Kreddha, also known as The International Peace Council for States, Peoples and Minorities, is led by a council of experts from all parts of the world.  It is dedicated to the prevention and resolution of intrastate conflicts between population groups (including autonomous regions, indigenous peoples and minorities) and the states within which they exist. More information about Kreddha can be found at the organization’s website: