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11th Annual Richard Grand Damages Argument Competition

Five law students received recognition and cash prizes for their lawyering skills in the 10th Annual Richard Grand Damages Argument Competition at the University of Arizona Rogers College of Law.
Student winners of the April 4, 2006 competition were:
1st place – Aeryn Heideman
2nd place – Jose Vazquez
3rd place – Julie Glendinning

4th place – Shannon Snow
5th place – Joel Feinman

The event is an oral argument that emphasizes the presentation of damages evidence in personal injury cases. Student finalists presented mock closing arguments on the issue of how much in damages should be awarded in a civil suit. Six local lawyers – Melissa English, Stephen Golden, Anita Royal, Dev Sethi, Gloria Torres, and Jan Wezelman -- served as jurors for the arguments.
“Richard Grand’s generosity enables us to help students learn lawyering skills, ” said Dean Toni M. Massaro. “These are talented students who will follow in his footsteps.”
Richard Grand has offered insight into his philosophy about good lawyering in the form of a ‘thoughts’ booklet, entitled “Grand Ideas for Future Trial Lawyers, ” made available to all law students.
Grand, a 1958 graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law, began his practice in Tucson as a deputy county attorney. Since 1962, his practice has been limited to representing plaintiffs. One 100+ occasions he has obtained either a verdict or settlement in excess of $1 million.
In 1972, he received a jury verdict of $3.5 million, at that time the largest in the United States for a single injury. Wry v. Dial 18 Ariz. App. 503 (1972). Most recently, he and co-counsel Mike Meehan successfully settled a personal injury case with the City of Tucson for $1.25 million.
Grand is the Honorary President of The Richard Grand Society – “The Injury Lawyers Alliance” – a Society of preeminent personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers entitled to practice in the United Kingdom. In 1972 he founded the Inner Circle of Advocates, which is limited to 100 U.S. lawyers who have completed at least 50 personal injury trials and have at least one verdict in excess of $1 million for compensatory damages. In 2002, the University of Arizona Alumni Association Board of Directors awarded him the University of Arizona’s Professional Achievement Award to Richard Grand. Mr. Grand was only the twelfth person to receive this prestigious award.