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UA Law Grads Lead in Bar Exam

Students at The University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law have again exceeded the Arizona State Bar pass rate. Results from the 2-day bar examination, required for everyone who practices law in the state, were announced last week by the Committee on Examinations of the Supreme Court of Arizona. Ninety UA graduates took the test for the first time in July 2006. At 88% passing, this is 12% higher than the state first-time rate of 76%. Dean Massaro noted that the three-year law school curriculum does not teach to the test. “Our students come here for the challenge of a rigorous curriculum. Writing, critical thinking, and synthesis of legal principles are important for the bar exam but even more important for their careers as lawyers. We are delighted that our preparation helps them succeed in many arenas.”

Updated: 12/12/2006