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Law Student Group Receives Civil Liberties Award

At its annual dinner on November 18, 2006, Arizona’s Southern Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) presented the student chapter of the ACLU at the College of Law an award in recognition of “consistent contributions to preserving and enhancing civil liberties in Arizona and beyond.” Co-presidents Christie Green and Anna Wright, both second year law students, accepted the award on behalf of the student group. The law students’ chapter was formed in 1999 and has been active in public education and outreach to the community throughout its existence. Students have  regularly provided legal research and investigation to support the ACLU legal program. They have held trainings on being observers at demonstrations and polling places and then served in those capacities.  They also have held teach-ins, most recently on the practices at Guantanamo. Jean Braucher, Roger C. Henderson Professor of Law and adviser to the student group as well as past president of the ACLU of Arizona, said, “From the beginning, the law students’ chapter has been  entirely student-led and student-run.  We worry in the ACLU about the graying of our membership, so we are all thrilled to see that our mission continues to be important to younger generations.  They understand the importance of civil liberties to a civil society and a working democracy.”

Updated: 11/26/2006