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Arizona Law, Eller College of Management, and McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship Launch the Business/Law Exchange

Hybrid versions of existing car models. The iPhone. Drugs like seizure medication topiramate, which may also reduce alcohol dependence. Hot products today don’t stem from brand-new inventions, but from new applications of existing technology, from refined or expanded capability, or through revolutionary production processes that occur behind the scenes. The face of entrepreneurship is changing, and with it, the issues that business and law must surmount together.   

Now, at The University of Arizona, the Eller College of Management, the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, and the James E. Rogers College of Law have launched a new partnership to better prepare graduates to succeed in the knowledge economy, with a particular focus on the intersection between law and entrepreneurship.

“The first program of the Business / Law Exchange, the Mock Law Firm, launched in spring with funding from the Kauffman Foundation,” explained Sherry Hoskinson, co-director of the Exchange and director of the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship. “Now we are working to expand our collaboration through workshops, guest speakers, and colloquia, all aimed at increasing our understanding of the issues leaders face in an innovation-based economy.”

“The partnership is a natural,” said Darian Ibrahim, Exchange co-director and Arizona Law associate professor. “The University of Arizona is a recognized research and teaching leader in law, business and entrepreneurship, and science and technology. We are seizing an opportunity to establish a leadership position by bringing these disciplines together in the evolving economy that our students will face after graduation.”

In addition to hosting events and speakers, the Business / Law Exchange will develop interdisciplinary fellowship opportunities, identify new courses in business and law based on industry needs and student demand, and build connections within the legal and entrepreneurial communities to encourage support and participation. The latter two goals come together in the Mock Law Firm.

Begun in spring, the Mock Law Firm creates a study environment for students in law and in entrepreneurship to engage one another in a duplication of the real-world issues that surround the launch of a new venture. Tucson attorney Lawrence Hecker, an adjunct practitioner faculty member with Arizona Law, leads the class.

“The decisions an entrepreneur makes today will have a big impact on his or her ability to obtain financing in the future,” Hecker said. “It’s important to anticipate issues that might arise at the beginning, the middle, and the end of the launch process. Entrepreneurs need to consider ownership, governance, financing, employment, licensing, and intellectual property as they move forward.”

More information about the Business / Law Exchange is available online at

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