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Justice O'Connor Back in the Classroom at Arizona Law

SDOFor the third consecutive year, Arizona Law students had the chance to learn about the United States Supreme Court from one of its most iconic members, as former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor returned to the classroom. As in previous years, the intensive course was co-taught by Justice O’Connor and RonNell Andersen-Jones, who served as one of Justice O’Connor’s law clerks and is now the College’s Distinguished Faculty Fellow. Entitled "Conversations on the Supreme Court," the course explored dimensions of the Supreme Court of the United States. It was designed to give students an insider's look at the current practices and procedures of both the litigants who argue cases and the Justices who decide them, while contrasting those practices and procedures with historic approaches. In lectures and readings, the course also examined the role of the Court as an institution, addressing the significant changes over the last two hundred years in both substantive and procedural areas. One class was devoted to the role of law clerks at the Court. Justice O'Connor was joined by Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor, and Justices Scott Bales and Andrew Hurwitz, each of whom clerked at the Court. During her teaching stay, Justice O’Connor was honored at a lunch hosted by University of Arizona President Robert Shelton and his wife, Adrian Shelton. She also spoke at an informal luncheon with faculty.

Updated: 04/14/2008