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Student Bar Association Officers for 2008 - 2009

Students at Arizona Law recently elected the following individuals as Student Bar Association (SBA) Officers for the next school year:

  • President - Rigel Massaro
  • Vice President - C. Stephen Tobin
  • Secretary - Kat Kitlas
  • Treasurer - Michelle Gregory
  • Executive Program Coordinator - Jillian Aja
  • 3L Delegates - Jean West, Shayna Fernandez, Tommy George, and Pete Fisher
  • 2L Delegates - Jen Crutchfield, David Grubin, Robyn Greenberg, and Brenna Durkin
  • At-Large Representatives - Joanna Gaughan, Ferrum Wang, Sarah Smith, and Nathaniel Sorenson
  • ABA Representative - Amanda Bynum (Robinson)

The SBA provides a vehicle through which students may collectively participate in enhancing their law school experience.  The SBA is designed to introduce students to the many facets of the legal profession, to encourage a thorough legal education, to provide both social and educational extracurricular activities, and to promote professional responsibility within the student body. The SBA is a member of the American Law Student Association, the student affiliate of the American Bar Association.

Updated: 04/28/2008