Sun Mar 29 2015   
Affilitiated Faculty


NALSA Officers for 2008 - 2009

The Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) invites you to join us in recognizing our newly elected 2008 - 2009 officers.

  • Leah Lussier, President
  • Trini Contreras, Vice-President

Our treasurer and secretary will be elected in the fall.

NALSA is a non-exclusive, national organization dedicated to recruiting qualified Native Americans to the College of Law, retaining Native American students through active cultural, academic, and social support, educating the non-Native Americans about the issues facing the Native Americans in the law; and encouraging participation in the Native American community through clinical programs, summer internships, and the Federal Bar Association's Indian Law Conference. NALSA encourages participation of non-Native Americans who may have an interest in International Law, Natural Resources Law, or Family Law, as all are components of Indian Law.