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Volunteer Students Awards for November and December 2008

The Volunteer Lawyers' Program has announced the following Volunteer Students of the Month for November and December 2008:

November - Jennifer Pichotta:
Jennifer is a first year law student at the U of A and has been participating in the Child Support Clinic this semester. Jennifer’s thorough comprehension and retention of child support law was astonishing. She displayed wisdom and skill far beyond her years. On her very first volunteer experience, the client’s situation required Jennifer to use software that she had not been trained to use. Jennifer never missed a beat and was able to quickly help the client - with almost no help from the supervising attorney! The VLP is very grateful to have Jennifer as a volunteer. To read more about Jennifer and her involvement with the VLP please visit our website at www.vlparizona.org/OutstandingNovember2008.htm.

December - Rico Martinez:
Rico impressed several of our volunteer attorneys with his confidence and enthusiasm. He never showed the slightest bit of nervousness as he spoke with clients or appeared in Federal Court. He also excelled at connecting with clients and establishing a good rapport with attorneys. Rico’s high quality work and professionalism make him a real asset to the VLP and the U of A College of Law. To read more about Rico and his involvement with the VLP please visit our website at www.vlparizona.org/OutstandingStudent.htm.