Tue Mar 31 2015   
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Arizona Law Review Announces 2L Writers

The Arizona Law Review is proud to announce its 2010-2011 2L Writers. We are thrilled to have them join our publication and we look forward to another wonderful year for the Arizona Law Review.

Raphael Avraham
Jennifer Blum
Shawn Casey
Rachel Corrigan
Alexis Danneman
Stephen Elzinga
Shijie Feng
Bradley Honigman
Taylor House
H. Clark Jones
Akilah Kinnison
Colby Larson
Brett Livingood
Nick Lundholm
Corey Mantei
Matt Milner
Michael Myers
Erin Norris
Vidula Patki
Lisa Pope
Jeremy Poryes
Jennifer Schenck
Cindy Schmidt
Gregory Schneider
James Senften
Kyle Siegal
Andrew Spencer
Daniel Thulin
Brenton Twitchell
Cheyenne Walsh
Emily Ward

Congratulations and welcome aboard!