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Prof. Schneyer to Speak on New Legal Ethics Book at Cornell

Prof. Schneyer will be on a panel at Cornell Law School on December 3, 2010, with Professors Robert Gordon (Yale Law School) and Ben Zipursky (Fordham Law School) to discuss Lawyers and Fidelity to Law, a new book by Professor Brad Wendel (Cornell). Prof. Wendel is one of the leading scholars in the field of legal ethics today. His work focuses on the relationship between legal ethics, jurisprudence, and political philosophy. His book throws into question much of the scholarship that in recent years that has criticized the prevailing rules of legal ethics and the law of lawyering for diverging far too much from the dictates of ordinary morality. Professor Wendel’s position is that law is designed in large part to resolve moral and political disagreements, which are widespread in our pluralistic society, and that lawyers should not be encouraged to reintroduce those disagreements by pressing their own moral values in advising and representing lawyers. Wendel also argues that the lawyer’s role is not to pursue client interests per se but only to pursue clients legal entitlements as defined by law that is interpreted under objective professional norms.