Wed Apr 01 2015   
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Prof. Rabe Receives Second Annual Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Award

Prof. Suzanne Rabe received the Second Annual Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Award on Saturday, March 26, at the Conference’s annual meeting at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The award recognized Prof. Rabe’s outstanding contributions to the legal writing field, not the least of which is her part in founding the Rocky Mountain Conference, an annual event coordinated by the legal writing faculty at several law schools in the West. She established an ethic that put the value of getting legal writing folks together above any conference frills or pretension, and in the process gave many legal writing profs the chance to make their presentation in a low pressure atmosphere. The presenters lauded Suzanne as a leader in the national legal writing community, as an invaluable mentor and resource for other legal writing professors and programs across the country, and particularly recognized her as “honest, passionate, generous, and funny.”