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Indigenous Peoples' Program Celebrates Decade of Preparing Students for Public Service

In October, the Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy (IPLP) Program at the College of Law will celebrate its 10th Anniversary. Arizona Law has long been renowned for its expertise in Indigenous peoples law. Over the last decade, the IPLP Program has built upon that foundation, and Arizona Law is now the only school in the country offering all three law degrees (JD, LLM, and SJD) with a concentration in Indigenous peoples law. Together, these programs provide the world's most advanced training in the field. The program's reputation and the work of IPLP faculty, staff, alumni, and students now reach across the globe and make a difference in the lives of Indigenous people worldwide. Read more about the program's successes and the anniversary here.

UPDATE:  Read an excellent review of the program here.

On October 8-9, 2011, the IPLP Program will celebrate its 10th Anniversary with a weekend conference dedicated to current and emerging issues in the field, as well as a gathering to celebrate the global impact of its alumni. The conference on Saturday, October 8, will feature a roundtable discussion exploring the relationship between law schools and law practitioners, as well as the different types of legal careers in Indigenous peoples law. Sunday, October 9 will be devoted to a reunion of IPLP alumni. Individuals with questions should contact Mary Guss (520.626.0236). Reservations can also be made online at

Updated: 10/06/2011