Wed Apr 01 2015   
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OAS Inter-American Human Rights Commission Grants Hearings on Two IPLP Cases

The OAS Inter-American Human Rights Commission has granted hearings on the merits for two cases brought by the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy (IPLP) program:  Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group v. Canada, and Border Action Network regarding Undocumented Migrant, Legal Resident, and U.S. Citizen Victims of Anti-Immigrant Vigilantes (United States). Both cases will be heard at the Commission's upcoming October-November session. The Commission receives over 600 human rights petitions a year and typically grants merits hearings to a fraction of those cases. “It is highly unusual for one legal program to be granted two hearings on its cases in a session. It's indicative of the reputation and solid work of our program within the inter-American human rights system,” said Prof. Robert A. Williams, who has worked on the Hul'qumi'num case as lead counsel for more than a decade, along with IPLP students, fellows, and faculty. IPLP Staff Attorney Seanna Howard serves as lead counsel in the Border Action Network case.