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New Course for Undergraduates, Sex, Race, and Power in the Supreme Court, Offered in Spring 2012

Undergraduate students taking a Law course? Absolutely!

The James E. Rogers College of Law is reaching out to UA undergraduates. We are very excited to announce our new course to be offered in the Spring of 2012, Sex, Race, and Power in the Supreme Court, Law 389. 

This course features 13 law professors, all leading scholars in their field. Each professor will focus on one landmark case each week, exploring the ways that rhetoric, argument, values, institutional concerns, and evidence are deployed in deciding fundamental social questions.

The course is structured to meet for weekly lectures with law professors in addition to a smaller 20-person discussion led by some of our top law students.

Sex, Race, and Power in the Supreme Court serves as an introduction to the institutional structure of the American legal system with a focus on the Supreme Court and its role in regulating people’s lives, activities, and futures.

We also want to introduce undergraduate students to the faculty of the Rogers College of Law. This is great law school, deeply connected to a great University. This course provides a new way to introduce ourselves to UA undergraduates.

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Click hear to listen to Prof. Miller talk about the new course.

Updated: 10/17/2012