Wed Apr 01 2015   
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Deans Travel to Russia for Legal Education Seminar

Deans Kay Kavanagh and Sally Rider recently traveled to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, to present a seminar on skills-based legal education to 20 members of the law faculty at Siberian Federal University (SFU). The three-day seminar followed two planning programs held in Tucson involving faculty from the College of Law, SFU, and the Moscow State Law Academy. The seminar focused on interactive learning methods including the use of hypotheticals, role-play, and goals/assessment rubrics. It is part of a pilot project funded by the U.S. Russia Foundation (USRF) for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law. The mission of USRF is to support the long-term economic development of Russia’s market economy, working in close partnership with the Russian government and leading Russian institutions. Photos of the seminar are available on SFU’s website: