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Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

Spring 2010

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April 19 - 22, Environmental Law Society Earth Week

Monday, April 19th 12:20 PM Room 168

Sandy Bahr Chapter Director, Grand Canyon (Arizona) Chapter of the Sierra Club Ms. Bahr has worked actively on environmental and political issues in Arizona for the past twenty-three years, both as a member of many government committees and as staff for several environmental organizations. At the Sierra Club, her responsibilities include advocating for environmental protection at the Arizona Legislature and with various state and federal agencies, conducting research, developing and evaluating policies, and conducting grassroots outreach and organizing. Ms. Bahr will talk about her work as an advocate, environmental lobbying, and progressive environmental policy.

Tuesday, April 20th 12:20 PM Room 137

Joellen Russell, Ph.D. Biogeochemical Dynamics Laboratory, University of Arizona Dr. Russell is a master climate modeler and expert on biogeochemical dynamics, which studies the interactions between the biological, geological and chemical components of the Earth's environment. These dynamics are influenced by interactions between organisms and their surroundings, including water, air, soil and sediments. Dr. Russel will talk about how climate change models are developed and about her current research on increased acidification of the oceans and sea ice change.

Wednesday, April 21st 12:20 PM Room 168

Laura Lopez-Hoffman, Ph.D. School of Natural Resources & Environment, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, University of Arizona Dr. Lopez-Hoffman studies the linkages between the environment and human society, in particular how science and policy affect ecosystem services. Much of Lopez-Hoffman's work focuses on the science and policy of ecosystem services in the southwestern US and northwestern Mexico. Dr. Lopez-Hoffman will be discussing her recently published book Conservation of Shared Environment: Learning from the United States and Mexico, which focuses on borderland issues.

Thursday, April 22nd 12:20 pm Room 168

Paul Blowers, Ph.D. Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Arizona Dr. Blowers studies the application of theoretical chemistry techniques to environmental problems. He is interested in advancing the development of green engineering and in training students to approach sustainability assessment through quantifiable methods. Dr. Blowers will be discussing how current proposals to regulate certain greenhouse gas chemicals may actually contribute to climate change, emphasizing the importance of in depth communication between public policy makers, lawyers, and the science/engineering community in order to create scientifically-based environmental regulation. For more information, please email ELS President Alex Smith at

Tues, 4/20/10, Time:  3:30-5:00 p.m., Rogers Human Rights Colloquium

Rogers Human Rights Colloquium Series. Ann Beeson, Executive Director of U.S. Programs for the Open Society Institute, will be wrapping up the Human Rights Colloquium series. "Aliens, Superkillers, and Terrorists: Reflections on the Strengths and Failures of Social Justice Movements". Date: Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 Time: 3:30-5:00 p.m. Where: James E. Rogers College of Law in room 118.

Wednesday, 4/21/10, Time: Noon-1:25 pm, James E. Rogers College of Law, Room 164
Victims Rights' Week Awards Ceremony and Panel Discussion
Barbara LaWall, Pima County Attorney's Office

Chief Deputy Attorney General Timothy Nelson

The Honorable Richard Fields, Arizona Superior Court

They will discuss the history and importance of victims' rights.  Also, two crime victim survivors will share their experiences with the criminal justice system and the role victims' rights played in their journey toward healing and recovery.

Pizza will be served at noon.

Wed, 4/28/10, Time:  Noon-1:25 pm, James E. Rogers College of Law, Room 156

Program on Criminal Law and Policy

"Promoting Fair and Impartian Policing Through Police Oversight"

Speaker:  Liana Perez, Tucson Independent Police Monitor



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