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Prof. Miller Discusses New Anti-Immigrant LawProf. Miller was quoted in an article about the impact of S.B. 1070 in the Nogales International, dated May 2, 2010. It is available here.
Posted 05.94.2010

Prof. White Publishes New Pieces on Strategic DefaultProf. White’s article, Buyers Have No Moral Duty to Lenders, was published in the April 25, 2010, issue of the Arizona Republic. It is available here.
Prof. White also wrote a response to a column, The Menace of Strategic Default, by Prof. Luigi Zingales in the City Journal. Prof. White’s response, published April 27, 2010, is available here.
Posted 04.26.2010; updated 04.28.2010

Prof. Chin Interviewed on New Arizona Immigration Bill Prof. Chin was interviewed, along with Prof. Kris Kobach, UMKC School of Law, concerning the potential impact of S.B. 1070 by the Arizona Republic. The article was published on April 22, 2010 and is available here.
Prof. Chin was also interviewed by Bloomberg News in an article posted here on April 27, 2010, and for another article in the Arizona Daily Star, on May 2, 2010, here.
Posted 04.26.2010; updated 04.28.2010; updated 05.03.2010

Professor Wexler Interviewed on Therapeutic Jurisprudence Prof. David B. Wexler was interviewed by WFPL public radio on April 1, 2010, on the therapeutic jurisprudence movement. Read more here and listen to the interview here.
Posted 04.03.2010

Prof. White’s Paper Continues to Draw Media Attention Nearly five months after Prof. White released his paper,Underwater and Not Walking Away: Shame, Fear and the Social Management of the Housing Crisis, it continues to gain attention. His latest revised version is available at

  • Prof. White was quoted about the dilemma facing underwater homeowners in a Washington Post article, April 6, 2010;
  • A Los Angeles Times article, March 17, 2010;
  • An Arizona Republic article, March 17, 2010;
  • A San Francisco Chronicle article, March 8, 2010;
  • A Detroit Free Press article, March 7, 2010;
  • A South Florida Sun-Sentinel article, March 5, 2010.

Posted 03.08.2010; updated 03.17.2010; updated 04.07.2010

Prof. Anaya Discusses UN Report on AustraliaThe UN has recently released an advance report on Australia’s Northern Territory Emergency Response program prepared by Prof. Anaya. The report, dated February 23, 2010, is available here. Press coverage includes:

  • The Sydney Morning Herald, February 25, 2010, article;
  • ABC News (Australia), February 24, 2010, web report;
  • The World Today, February 24, 2010, interview - transcript & audio available here;
  • The Washington Post (AP), February 23, 2010, article;

Posted 03.01.2010

UN Releases Advance Report from Prof. Anaya on BotswanaThe UN has recently released an advance report on Botswana prepared by Prof. Anaya, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous People. A press release concerning the Botswana report is available here, while the report itself, dated February 22, 2010, is available here. The Botswana Gazette published an editorial about the report on March 10, 2010, which is available here.
Posted 03.01.2010; updated 03.10.2010

Prof. Glennon Discusses His New Book in Arizona Attorney Article Prof. Glennon and his new book, Unquenchable, are featured in an article in the February 2010 issue of the Arizona Attorney, entitled, “Robert Glennon Wants You to Flush Less.” Read the article here.
Posted 02.17.2010

Prof. Salmon Suggests Solutions to Social Networking Jurors In an article entitled, “Are Tweeters or Googlers in Your Jury Box?”, in the February 2010 issue of the Arizona Attorney, Prof. Susan Salmon, the new Assistant Director of Legal Writing at Arizona Law discusses some ways a trial attorney can try to prevent this issue. Read the article here.
Posted 02.17.2010

Prof. Glennon Discusses Big City Water Problems In an article on Atlanta’s water problems in the February 2010 issue of Governing magazine, Prof. Glennon discusses how most other big cities are facing similar issues. Read the article here.
Posted 02.01.2010

Prof. Glennon Discusses Colorado Pipeline ProposalProf. Glennon discusses the many potential problems facing the proposal in an article in the January 20, 2010, Salt Lake Tribune. Read the article here.
Posted 01.20.2010

Prof. Glennon Discusses Water Needs of Solar TechnologyIn a January 17, 2010, article in The Arizona Republic, entitled Amid state's push for solar power, water-supply worries arise, Prof. Glennon stated that the solar technology industry needs a lot of water and discusses priorities for water use. Read the article here.
Posted 01.19.2010

NACBA Highlights Prof. Braucher’s Paper The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) is currently featuring a short version of Professor Jean Braucher’s paper on fixing the Obama Administration’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) on its home page. The short article is available here.
Posted 01.06.2010

Prof. White’s Paper Continues to Gain Attention Prof. White’s paper, Underwater and Not Walking Away: Shame, Fear and the Social Management of the Housing Crisis, available at, is continuing to gain attention. It now ranks in the Top 10 papers downloaded since the SSRN Journal of Law & Economics began in January 1997.

  • A CNNMoney column quoted Prof. White on potential impact of new program for underwater homeowners on February 19, 2010;
  • Good Morning America ran an interview with Prof. White on February 11, 2010 - text and video are available here;
  • Fox Business News aired an interview with Prof. White on February 10, 2010;
  • On January 31, 2010, the Arizona Republic published an article focusing on Prof. White’s paper;
  • The Miami Herald published an article mentioning Prof. White’s paper on January 29, 2010;
  • The ABA Journal Law News Now posted a piece mentioned Prof. White’s paper on January 29, 2010;
  • Prof. White’s paper is the focus of a Your Money column in the January 27, 2010, issue of The New York Times;
  • Prof. White is quoted concerning the impact of underwater housing on the housing recovery in a January 27, 2010, Washington Post article;
  • NPR’s Morning Edition broadcast a report on January 26, 2010, featuring Prof. White - transcript and audio available here;
  • Prof. White was interviewed on CNBC on January 25, 2010 - see the video here;
  • On January 25, 2010, two articles were posted on The Huffington Post discussing Prof. White’s paper - John Taylor’s is available here and Shahien Nasiripour’s here;
  • Andrew B. Busch, a CNBC Contributor, posted a guest blog piece discussing Prof. White’s paper on January 25, 2010;
  • The New York Times published an article on January 23, 2010, by Richard H. Thaler, a professor of economics and behavioral science at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, which discussed Prof. White’s article and underwater mortgages;
  • A January 17, 2010, article in U.S. News and World Report, covered Prof. White’s article;
  • On January 14, 2010, Prof. White participated in NPR’s Talk of the Nation program to discuss walking away from mortgages. Read the transcript here and listen to the program here;
  • Kevin Huffman wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post discussing Prof. White’s paper on January 9, 2010;
  • The New York Times Magazine published an article on January 7, 2010, discussing Prof. White's paper;
  • On January 4, 2010, Mark Miller posted a good analysis of Prof. White’s paper and the housing crisis on The Huffington Post;
  • The paper was mentioned in a January 1, 2010, editorial in the Sacramento Bee.

Posted 01.04.2010; updated 01.06.2010; updated 01.08.2010; updated 01.11.2010; updated 01.15.2010; updated 01.20.2010; updated 01.24.2010; updated 01.26.2010; updated 01.27.2010; updated 01.28.2010; updated 01.29.2010; updated 01.31.2010; updated 02.01.2010; updated 02.11.2010; updated 02.16.2010; updated 02.19.2010

Prof. Rabin Recognized as a Local Hero Prof. Nina Rabin was recognized in the December 24, 2009, issue of Tucson Weekly as one of eight local heroes for her work fighting for the rights of migrant women who have been cheated out of their wages. She was also recognized for her work to improve the conditions of women detained in immigration detention centers. Read the article here.
Posted 12.28.2009

Prof. Miller’s Work on Prosecutors Featured in Newspaper Series The Waco Tribune ran a series entitled “Measuring Justice” concerning the operation of the McLennon County district attorney’s office on December 13 and December 14, 2009. Prof. Marc Miller’s work on prosecutorial discretion was featured in Part 1 and he was quoted in Part 2 concerning the election of district attorneys.
Posted 12.16.2009

Prof. Silverman on Front Page of the Washington Post Prof. Andy Silverman was the advisor of a Washington, D.C. resident, Donald Eugene Gates, recently freed from prison in Tucson based on DNA evidence. See the December 16, 2009, story here. Prof. Silverman is quoted more extensively about the case in a KVOA television report, available here.
Posted 12.16.2009

Prof. Braucher Quoted in NY Times Column on Home Loan Modification Prof. Braucher responded to an earlier column by Floyd Norris on the topic by referring the author to her recent paper, Fixing the Home Affordable Modification Program to Mitigate the Foreclosure Crisis, and information she had received about banks losing paperwork submitted by homeowners. Read the column here.
Posted 12.08.2009

Prof. White’s Recent Paper Gains Media Attention Prof. White’s paper asserting that many homeowners who are “underwater” do not walk away from their house because of “emotional constraints” was first discussed in the October 30, 2009, edition of the Wall Street Journal. The paper is available here; the article is available here.

  • Prof. White was interviewed on All Things Considered on December 25, 2009 - the audio and transcript are available here;
  • Daniel Gross wrote a column about the contrast between corporations walking away and homeownes, which mentioned Prof. White's paper - it was published on December 21 in Newsweek, available here, and on December 22 on Slate, available here;
  • The Huffington Post published a post on December 17, 2009, discussing Prof. White’s point on social norms preventing homeowners from defaulting in comparison with Morgan Stanley walking away from 5 large properties;
  • The Wall Street Journal discussed Prof. White’s paper in an article published on December 17, 2009; one of the authors of this article also posted some additional thoughts on his Wall Street Journal blog on the same day;
  • The Arizona Republic printed excerpts of an interview with Prof. White on December 14, 2009; the full interview is available here;
  • The Modesto Bee published an article about Prof. White’s paper on December 13, 2009;
  • KOLD, Tucson, interviewed Prof. White on December 11, 2009 - article and video available here;
  • Prof. White was quoted in a front page article, entitled American Dream 2: Default, Then Rent, on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, December 10, 2009;
  • MSN Money columnist Liz Pulliam has a column about Prof. White and his paper, dated December 9, 2009, and available here.
  • This paper was listed at Number 1 in the Top Ten of all papers downloaded from SSRN for the period October 9 to December 8, 2009;
  • The Arizona Republic pubished a column on the paper, dated December 6, 2009;
  • The St Petersburg Times has a column up here, dated December 6, 2009;
  • Rachel Beck, AP Business Writer, has written a column, available December 4, 2009, on ABC’s All Business website here and on AP, here;
  • KEYT, Santa Barbara, interviewed Prof. White on December 3, 2009 - video available here;
  • KPHO, Phoenix, interviewed Prof. White on December 1, 2009 - video available here;
  • CNBC also interviewed Prof. White on November 30, 2009 - report and video available here;
  • CNN interviewed Prof. White on November 30, 2009 - video available here;
  • Columnist Ken Harney wrote a column on the paper which was published in several papers, including the Washington Post, Chicago Daily Herald, and the San Jose Mercury News;
  • Local real estate columnist Josh Brodesky wrote a column about the paper, published on November 22 and a follow-up on November 29;
  • The Globe and Mail published an article on November 24, 2009;
  • Fox Business News interviewed Prof. White on November 23, 2009 - video and rough transcript available here;
  • ABCNews published a piece about the paper on November 20, 2009;

Posted. 10.30.2009; updated 11.16.2009; updated 11.20.2009; updated 11.30.2009; updated 12.01.2009; updated 12.04.2009; updated 12.07.2009; updated 12.08.2009; updated 12.10.2009; updated 12.11.2009; updated 12.14.2009; updated 12.18.2009; updated 12.28.2009

Prof. Engel Discusses Cap-and-Trade Proposals in Guest Opinion Prof. Engel and Prof. David M. Driesen, Syracuse University College of Law, published their opinion, arguing that Cap-and-Trade proposals are better than a hodgepodge of regulation and court orders, in the October 10, 2009, edition of the Arizona Daily Star. Read the guest opinion here.
Posted 10.12.2009

Prof. Glennon Talks about the Coming Water Crisis on Book TV Prof. Glennon’s presentation at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa aired on C-Span2 on September 12 and 13, 2009. Watch the presentation here.
Posted 09.15.2009

Prof. Anaya Releases Statement on His Findings in Australia Professor Anaya, the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Human Rights, has released his preliminary observations on the conditions of the indigenous peoples in Australia. Read his statement here. The UN News Service report can be read here and a Reuters report here. Listen to Prof. Anaya’s August 28, 2009, press conference at the National Library of Australia here.
Posted 08.28.2009; updated 09.14.2009

Prof. Anaya’s UN Work in Australia Covered by the Press Professor Anaya, the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Human Rights, is touring Australia to investigate claims by aboriginal communities of increased racial discrimination following the suspension of Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act two years ago. Read the article here.
Posted 08.24.2009

Prof. Glennon Writes Opinion Piece for the Washington PostThe opinion, entitled “Our Water Supply, Down the Drain”, ran in the Aug. 23, 2009 edition of the Washington Post. You can read the piece here or here.
Posted 08.24.2009

The Arizona Republic Publishes Opinion by Prof. Glennon The opinion piece by Professor Glennon, entitled Arizona’s Precious Water Factor, was published on August 9, 2009. Read it here.
Posted 08.10.2009

Professor Glennon Interviewed on The Daily Show with Jon StewartProfessor Glennon was interviewed by Jon Stewart on July 16, 2009. See the interview here. See coverage about the interview:

Posted 07.17.2009

Professor Glennon Interviewed Concerning His New Book On July 2, 2009, Professor Glennon appeared on the Leonard Lopate radio show on WNYC to discuss his new book, Unquenchable. The interview, approximately 30 minutes long, is available here. He was also interviewed on July 15, 2009, on the Here and Now radio program; his part of the interview, available here, starts around 20 minutes in. On July 16, 2009, Prof. Glennon did an interview for an Arizona PodCats, available here.
Posted 07.06.2009; updated 07.16.2009; updated 07.17.2009

Professor Rabin to Speak at Congressional Briefing Professor Rabin, Co-Director of the Immigration Legal Clinic and director of border research at the UA’s Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW), will participate in a briefing entitled “The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Women and Families” on June 24, 2009. The briefing is sponsored by several non-governmental organizations and held in cooperation with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. She will present findings from Unseen Prisoners: A Report on Women in Immigration Detention Facilities in Arizona, SIROW and the UA law college's Bacon Immigration Law and Policy Program released earlier this year. Read more about the hearing here and about the report here.
Posted 06.18.2009

Professor Glennon Pens Opinion Piece for Washington Post Professor Glennon’s piece, entitled “Is Solar Power Dead in the Water?,” appeared in the June 7, 2009, edition of the Washington Post. You can read the article here. The opinion has been reprinted many times since. See

Posted 06.08.2009; updated 06.15.2009; updated 07.06.2009

Professors Engel and Adelman’s Article Selected for Reprint by Prestigious Journal Their article, Adaptive Federalism: The Case Against Reallocating Environmental Regulatory Authority, 92 Minn. L. Rev. 1796 (2008), has been selected as one of the best environmental law review articles for 2008 by their peers to be reprinted in the 2009-2010 edition of the Land Use & Environment Law Review. You can read the article here.
Posted 06.04.2009

Professor Merico Writes Op-Ed on Recent Supreme Court Case The Op-Ed, in the May 13, 2009, issue of the Arizona Daily Star, discusses the recent Supreme Court case holding that the Department of Justice cannot use identity theft laws to prosecute illegal immigrants unless they can establish that the immigrant knew the Social Security Number belonged to a real person. Professor Merico and David E. Spiro agreed that the law had been misapplied and should be used to prosecute real identity thieves, not immigrants. Read the op-ed here and the Supreme Court opinion here.
Posted 05.13.2009

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