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Najwa Nabti to Speak at Armenian Genocide Centennial Conference

Najwa Nabti, Director, Undergraduate Law and Master of Legal Studies Programs, will speak on The Legacy of Impunity for Sexual Violence against Armenian Women and Girls during the Genocide at The Armenian Genocide Legacy, 100 Years On, to be held March 6 - 7, 2015, at The Hague Institute for Global Justice, The Netherlands. Before joining Arizona Law, she worked on war crimes prosecutions at an international tribunal in The Hague. This major interdisciplinary gathering will bring together academics and professionals from various fields to discuss the impact of the Genocide in various fields of study. Experts will examine such issues as impunity, sexual violence, demographics, compensation, memorializing, political discourse and media approaches.

The conference is organized and sponsored by the Centennial Project Foundation, the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and the University of Southern California Dornsife Institute for Armenian Studies. Additional information is available at

Posted: 01/29/2015

Prof. Robertson's Work on Jury Bias Featured in Slate

On January 22, 2015, Slate featured Prof. Robertson and his work on jury bias in an article, The Magic Question, discussing jury selection in high-profile cases. Prof. Robertson was also interviewed for the story. The story on Slate can be read here, while Prof. Robertson's featured research article, The Inability of Jurors to Self-Diagnose Bias, can be read here.

Posted: 01/22/2015

Prof. Williams Contributes to New York Magazine's Cover Story on the Obama Presidency

Prof. Williams contributed to this month’s cover story for New York Magazine, “Barack Obama:  The (Trifle Early) Historical Verdict.” Williams is one of 53 distinguished American historians who offer their views on what historians will say 20 years from now about President Obama’s political legacy. Williams discusses President Obama’s emergence on the national stage as the keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and describes his presidency as “the toughest job any black man ever had in the history of the entire country.” Read Prof. Williams' full commentary here.

Posted: 01/14/2015

Prof. Anaya Quoted in NY Times Opinion Piece

Prof. Anaya was quoted extensively in a January 4, 2015, New York Times opinion piece on suicides among indigenous peoples, especially the Guaraní from Brazil. Prof. Anaya noted that this happens often “where tribe members have seen the upheaval of their culture.” Read the piece here.

Posted: 01/05/2015

Prof Christopher Robertson quoted in Physician Risk Management

Prof. Christopher Robertson discusses the potential use of  reported data resulting from The Physician Payment Sunshine Act to support malpractice claims in the July issue of Physician Risk Management.  

The Physician Payment Sunshine Act requires manufacturers of drugs, devices, and biological and medical supplies to report payments made to physicians. Data reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will be posted on a public website in September 2014.

Physician Risk Management is a monthly subscription newsletter. The article "Sunshine Act Reporting has Implications for Malpractice Litigation" is available on Lexis Advance. 

Posted: 07/30/2014

Prof. Roy Spece a Distinguished Guest of the International Council of Jurists

John D. Lyons Professor of Law Roy G. Spece, Jr., was a Distinguished Guest of the International Council of Jurists at its convention in London, U.K., last month.  He presented talks on Separation of Powers and on The Role of Legal Education In Modern Society.  In the first talk, he focused on separation of powers problems presented by the many state laws that purport to legalize medical marijuana.  The talk on legal education focused on our new undergraduate B.A. degree in law. 

More information about the International Council of Jurists and its convention is available at the organization's website.


Posted: 07/24/2014

Prof Robert Glennon comments California Drought on "Marketplace"

Prof. Robert Glennon comments on the California drought in American Public Media's Marketplace piece California Farms Pumping Water to Make Up for Drought. The piece aired July 16; the audio is available on the Marketplace website.

Posted: 07/22/2014

Prof Lynn Marcus on the Migrant Children Crisis

Prof Lynn Marcus, co-director of the Immigration Clinic at Arizona Law, has provided context for the migrant children crisis in the Southwest for various media in Arizona:

Posted: 07/22/2014

Prof Melissa Tatum and Jill Kappus Shaw (SJD ’12) take readers on a legal journey in new book, "Law, Culture, & Environment"

Every day, somewhere in the United States, a battle rages over one of America’s National Parks, Forests, or Monuments. Vacationers seek to camp, climb, and snowmobile. Environmentalists seek to protect critical habitats, and American Indians seek access to their sacred places. The battles spill across the boardroom and the courtroom, as the managers of these federal public lands struggle to balance the competing demands.

Arizona Law Professor and IPLP Director Melissa Tatum and co-author Jill Kappus Shaw (SJD ’12) take readers on a journey through several pivotal disputes providing a fascinating insight into the relationship between negotiation and litigation, and the strategies used by the various stakeholders in their quest for success.

More information about Law, Culture, & Environment is available at the Carolina Academic Press website.

Posted: 07/03/2014

Prof Robert Glennon featured in The New York Times Opinion Pages

Prof. Robert Glennon calls for appropriate water pricing in his op-ed How We Should Pay For Water in The New York Times. Professor Glennon's piece is part of the Room for Debate series The Water Crisis in the West.

Posted: 06/30/2014

Prof. James Anaya Makes Final Presentation, in Capacity as Special Rapporteur, to the Permanent Forum

On May 20, 2014 Professor James Anaya made his final presentation, in his capacity as Special Rapporteur, to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at its annual session in New York. Professor Anaya's full statement is available in English and Spanish at the UNSR website.

Posted: 05/30/2014