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Bacon Immigration Law Program

Textbook Exchange

Visit our external blog to exchange/rent/purchase textbooks from other UA Law Students (


How it Works:

1. To Sell/Rent: Find the course you want to sell/rent your textbook on the subject line. Go under the comments section and post a comment including: (1) name of textbook; (2) author(s); (3) edition; (4) your selling price; (5) your email for any buyers to contact you and (6) textbook condition (*optional).


2. To Buy/Borrow: Find the course you want to buy/borrow from by searching the subject line. Click to open the comment section, find the book you want, email the seller and set up a time to meet up and get your textbook! Please do not provide any personal information other than name/email. Including phone numbers in the comment section is strongly discouraged.


Do not send payment information via email/blogspot. Questions or Comments can be directed to the Student Bar Association Executive Board at

Last Updated: 10/10/2011