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Faculty Scholarships

Author: Andy Silverman

  • Farmworker Law:  A Legal Services Practice Manual (1980) (ed. & author of Chapter III, Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act (co-author, with Garry B. Bryant), Chapter V, Wagner-Peyser Act: Federal and State Employment Services (co-author, with James A. Herrmann), Chapter VI, Agricultural Labor Law (co-author, with Garry B. Bryant), and Chapter IX, Taxes (co-author, with Roger Archer)).
Articles in Books
  • Legal Services for Low-Income People, in Civil Justice in Arizona:  How Much? For Whom? 123 (Kenney F. Hegland project ed., 1988).
  • An Historical and Legal Perspective on Mexican Migration, 1988 Ariz. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 138.
  • Use of Client Instructors to Teach Interviewing Skills to Law Students, 32 J. Legal Educ. 395 (1982) (with Paula L. Stillman, Michele Young Burpeau, & Darrell L. Sabers).
  • Representing Prison Inmates: A Primer on an Emerging Dimension of Poverty Law Practice, 11 Ariz. L. Rev. 385 (1969) (co-author, with David B. Wexler).
Other Writings
  • Helping Haitian Refugees: A Summer Journey, 29 Ariz. Att'y, Dec. 1992, at 37.
  • Nicaragua: A New Constitution, 6 The Writ 1 (Mar. 1987).
  • A Question of Rape (Intermedia 2002) (with Kenney Hegland) (videotape & curriculum).
  • Gambling and Judicial Review (AGC/United Learning 2001) (with Kenney Hegland) (videotape).
  • Teen Parenting: Trouble with the Law (AGC/United Learning 1999) (with Kenney Hegland) (videotape).
  • Drunk Driving: The Party's Over (United Learning 1998) (with Kenney Hegland) (videotape).
  • A Case of Abuse (United Learning 1996) (with Kenney Hegland) (videotape).
  • You, The Jury (United Learning 1995) (with Kenney Hegland and Elliot Glicksman) (videotape).
  • Choices (United Learning 1993) (with Kenney Hegland) (videotape).
  • The Sentencing of Bill Thomas (United Learning 1993) (with Kenney Hegland) (videotape).

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