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Faculty Scholarships

Author: Mona L. Hymel

  • Accounting and Finance for Lawyers (2d ed. 2014).
  • Federal Tax Accounting (2d ed. 2011) (co-author, with Michael B. Lang & Elliott Manning).
Articles in Books
  • Environmental Tax Incentives in the United States:  Will Recent Market Incentives Reduce the U.S.’s Dependence on Oil?, in Market Instruments and Sustainable Economy 573 (Ana Yábar Sterling et al. eds., 2012).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Trading Greenbacks for Green Behavior: Oregon and the City of Portland's Environmental Incentives, 5 Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation 675 (2008) (co-author, with Roberta F. Mann & Beth S. Wolfsong).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Americans and Their "Wheels": A Tax Policy for Sustainable Mobility, 3 Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation 113 (Alberto Cavaliere et al. eds., 2006) (co-author, with Beth S. Wolfsong).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Repeal of "Substantially Appreciated" Requirement under Section 751 for Sales and Exchanges, in Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 II-C-9 (Jerald David August ed., 1997).
  • Environmental Tax Policy in the United States:  A “Bit” of History, 3 Ariz. J. Envtl. L. Pol’y 157 (2013).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Moonshine to Motorfuel:  Tax Incentives for Fuel Ethanol, 19 Duke Envtl. L. & Pol'y F. 43 (2008).
    Available at: SSRN | Hein Online
  • Globalization, Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Development: The Case of Oil, 7 Macquarie L.J. 125 (2007).
    Available at: SSRN | Hein Online | Other Link
  • The United States' Experience with Energy-Based Tax Incentives:  The Evidence Supporting Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy, 38 Loy. U. Chi. L.J. 43 (2006).
    Available at: SSRN | Hein Online | Westlaw | Lexis
  • Getting Into the Act: Enticing the Consumer to Become 'Green' through Tax Incentives, 36 Envtl. L. Rep. 10419 (June 2006) (co-author, with Roberta F. Mann).
    Available at: SSRN | Lexis
  • Impact of the New Anti-Tax Shelter Rules on Non-Tax Shelter Lawyers and Accountants, 64 N.Y.U. Ann. Inst. on Fed. Tax'n 11-1 (2006) (co-author, with Steven R. Schneider & Steven R. Dixon).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Taxation of Contingent Attorney Fees: Comr. v. Banks and Its Aftermath, 46 Tax Mgt. Memo. 235 (June 27, 2005).
    Available at: Westlaw | Lexis
  • The American Jobs Creation Act's Impact on Individual Investors: A Monster of Complexity? 22 J. Tax'n Inv. 187 (2005) (co-author, with Roberta Mann & Gail Richman).
  • Multidisciplinary Practices: Where Are They? What Happened? 103 Tax Notes 689 (May 10, 2004).
    Available at: Lexis
  • Controlling Lawyer Behavior: The Sources and Uses of Protocols in Governing Law Practice, 44 Ariz. L. Rev. 873 (2002).
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw | Lexis
  • Consumerism, Advertising, and the Role of Tax Policy, 20 Va. Tax Rev. 347 (2000).
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw | Lexis
  • Multidisciplinary Practice: The States Weigh In, 88 Tax Notes 261 (July 10, 2000), reprinted in 19 State Tax Notes 169 (Jul. 17, 2000).
    Available at: Lexis
  • Tax Policy and the Passive Loss Rules: Is Anybody Listening? 40 Ariz. L. Rev. 615 (1998).
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw | Lexis
  • The Population Crisis: The Stork, The Plow and the IRS, 77 N.C. L. Rev. 13 (1998).
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw | Lexis
  • Recent Developments Affecting Partnership Tax Controversies, Sixth Annual Partnership Tax and Limited Liability Company Institute, Presented by The National Institute of Tax Professionals (1994).
  • Judicial Electoral Systems: Foreign Democracies Provide Solutions, 27 Tex. Int'l L.J. 447 (1992).
    Available at: Hein Online
Other Writings
  • The Impossible Dream?, in Careers in Tax Law: Perspectives on the Tax Profession and What it Holds for You 140 (2009).

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